BMP - Powerful Industry Grade Media Player

Interra Systems’ Baton Media Player (BMP) is a powerful, feature-rich player, which is now available as an independent player. BMP can be used by media professionals to play a wide variety of media files and frame sequences and includes useful tools and features for in-depth examination of audio and video content. BMP facilitates collaboration across multiple teams and projects and can easily be integrated at any stage of the broadcast or MAM workflow.

BMP’s intuitive user interface provides various options to create, save and load playlists. BMP provides an edge over the other media players by letting you examine media content and use the mark-in and mark-out feature to mark the specific sections of your choice and play them later for review.

Real-time content monitoring Workflow

Features & Benefits

  • BMP features frame-accurate playback of high-quality video
  • BMP supports SDI playout and a wide range of audio, video, elementary and container formats; Closed captions and subtitles formats
  • BMP is a feature-rich player and it allows you to perform a variety of operations like:
    • Create, save and load playlists to play files one by one
    • Play in slow motion, control play duration, and more
    • Check attributes of audio and video tracks
    • Play, pause, rewind, fast forward, go to timecode, jog and shuttle, move to next/previous frame and so on
    • Display audio waveform, loudness meter and audio level meter
    • Monitor the color intensity and range during playback using RGB Parade, Vector Scope and Histogram in UI
    • Mark-in Mark-out feature to mark the specific sections and play them later for review
    • Consecutive and loop playback of marked-in and marked-out portions across different files in the playlist