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We invite you to visit us at BVE 2017 for live demonstrations of our industry-leading QC, analysis and monitoring solutions. We will also be presenting new capabilities of our products.
Automated File-based QC Solutions
  • Most comprehensive quality checks in the industry
  • High performance, enterprise-wide scalability
  • Integration with MAM / DAM / Transcode / Workflow solutions; Enabled for Cloud QC
  • Superior checks for 4K UHD, HEVC, HDR, DPX, IMF & ABR content
  • Intuitive and stand-alone media player interface
  • Audio language detection, as well as alignment of subtitles/captions with audio
  • Sophisticated data analytics, review and content correction
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Introducing Orion™-OTT
Software-based over-the-top monitoring solution for ABR content
  • A Software-based Over-The-Top Monitoring solution for superior QoS and QoE for Live and VOD OTT services
  • ABR package integrity and related network performance checks
  • Powerful tools to debug origin server performance related issues
  • Real-time alarms for quick on-the-go decision making
  • Accessible on any web-enabled devices
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Real-time Content Monitoring for Superior QoS & QoE
  • A powerful software-centric solution for total confidence monitoring
  • Comprehensive HEVC and 4K video quality monitoring
  • Centralized view and control of all monitoring points
  • Powerful tools for problem detection, resolution and compliance
  • In-depth video / audio quality checks
  • Closed Captions and SCTE-35 verification
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Media Analyzers for Standards Compliance and Debug
  • The most trusted platform for stream analysis and interoperability testing
  • H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2 TS, VP9, Dolby Audio, MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS
  • Frame by frame analysis with error reports
  • Video comparison and quality checks for HEVC/4K/UHD streams
  • Multi-core support for superior performance
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