New Features Highlights – Baton 7.0 - Next-Generation QC
The latest version of BATON® is the next generation QC solution with a unified hybrid QC platform, which implements organizational QC policy to support a combination of automated and manual QC checks. With a hybrid QC solution, operators can detect certain issues, such as lip sync and sync loss between captions and audio, which automated QC solutions alone cannot detect. The new, powerful BATON Media Player (BMP) shows a list of eyeball QC checks enabled in the test plan, and allows users to add necessary errors, as well as mark each manual task as reviewed. The result is a well integrated and efficient broadcast workflow.

BATON 7.0 enhances the overall user interface and improves usability, supporting HDR video quality checks, enhanced system architecture for optimized performance and enhanced audio language detection capabilities.

The release offers unique new capabilities such as:
  • Architecture/Performance: Improvements in system architecture for optimized performance; Optimization in performance of video quality checks
  • Formats: Support for TIFF, Targa formats; Kodak Cineon; Enhanced support for HE-AACv2; Enhanced support for TTML subtitle files; Enhanced support for 4K ProRES content; Support for segmented TS in MPEG Dash files
  • Enhanced Video Quality Checks: Support for HDR quality checks, such as Light Levels, MaxCLL, and MaxFALL; Code and memory usage optimization; Enhancements in black bar detection, color bar detection, video dropout check, burnt-in sub-titles, chroma change; Support for multiple severity in video signal level and motion jerk,; Support for specifying sensitivity level for freeze and black frames detection;
  • Enhanced Audio Quality Checks: Audio language detection with support for new languages: Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Swedish; Support for checking basic alignment of speech with captions; Support for new audio quality noises, such as audio echo and other high frequency noises; Enhancements in Nielsen Watermark detection and silence check
  • Enhanced Verification Checks: Enhancements in Closed Caption support based on Netflix spec; Enhancements to DPP support; Support for latest ARD_ZDF_HDF compliance specs; Support for more MXF specific checks like origin mismatch, audio sampling rate, DialNorm, body partition status, system item timecode; New MPEG2 specific checks like GOP header timecode and check on encoded VBV buffersize; Updates to subtitle checks: subtitle presence, SCC duration, subtitle language comparison, enhanced timecode reporting; Advanced mode of smart folder to define multiple pre and post QC filters
  • UX and UI Improvements: User Interface improvements across multiple features. This includes: Revamped Smart Folder UI, Manual Scheduling UI; Enhancements in Test Plans, such as new creation wizard, improved in-built Test Plans, tagging of Test Plans, UI enhancements in Slate Layout, Combination checks and more; Improvements in Verification report UI; Revamped PDF report; Support for new Baton skin; Reorganization of navigation menu, global settings; Optimized database updates, file transfer mechanisms
  • Debug: Enhancements in manual review flow; Define review policy; Support for adding manual QC errors; Support for Mark-in/Mark-out feature; Support for STL subtitles; Support for new features such as RGB parade, Vectoroscope; Support for error timeline; Support for display of caption data for AJA based SDI playback
  • Correction: Support for PSE corrections; Support for black frame removal; Enhancements in algorithm for audio loudness correction
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