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NEW! BATON LipSync - Solving Critical Lip Sync Issues in Media Content
BATON LipSync is a new automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. The solution leverages ML technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors.
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Thursday, April 9 - 9:00AM PDT
Thursday, April 9 - 10:00AM CEST
Thursday, April 9 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
NEW! BATON Captions - Efficient Video Captions Creation and Distribution
BATON Captions brings simplicity and cost savings to the creation, management, and delivery of captions. The solution leverages cutting-edge ML and automatic speech recognition technology.
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Monday, April 13 - 9:00AM PDT
Monday, April 13 - 10:00AM CEST
Monday, April 13 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
Media QC
BATON is the leading M/L and AI enabled automated QC platform that provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for VOD content, in the cloud / on-premises, for linear and streaming workflows.
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Wednesday, April 15 - 9:00AM PDT
Wednesday, April 15 - 10:00AM CEST
Wednesday, April 15 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
Media Monitoring and Delivery
ORION and ORION-OTT are content monitoring platforms for assurance of high quality IP/linear and OTT streams for Live and VOD content. Both solutions look at all aspects of streams including MPEG TS, ABR manifests, Closed Captions, Ad Insertions, and are fully supported for cloud environments. Top industry award winners, ORION and ORION-OTT are the most comprehensive and powerful content monitoring solutions available today.
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Friday, April 17 - 9:00AM PDT
Friday, April 17 - 10:00AM CEST
Friday, April 17 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
The newly revamped ORION Central Manager (OCM) provides an aggregated view of linear and OTT services based on monitoring data collected by ORION and ORION-OTT for efficient troubleshooting.
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Monday, April 20 - 9:00AM PDT
Monday, April 20 - 10:00AM CEST
Monday, April 20 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
Content Classification
Interra Systems will showcase WINNOW, its award-winning solution for content classification/identification, which allows service providers to efficiently prepare media content for different target markets and geographies. Using AI/ML technologies, WINNOW detects and tags content for violence, strong language, alcohol and more, based on user-defined rules.
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Wednesday, April 22 - 9:00AM PDT
Wednesday, April 22 - 10:00AM CEST
Wednesday, April 22 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
Media Analysis
VEGA Media Analyzer is the most trusted debug and analysis of audio and video. VEGA supports all popular video compression and container standards such as AV1, H.264, HEVC, JPEG-2K, MPEG-2 TS, WebM, VP9, Dolby Audio, ALS Audio, MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, ISM, and includes features such as video comparison and quality checks.
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Friday, April 24 - 9:00AM PDT
Friday, April 24 - 1:30PM SGT
60 Minutes
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