Fast and Frame Accurate Media Player

BATON Media Player (BMP) is an industry grade media player for enhanced debugging, which works in sync with BATON's fast and frame accurate manual review of the media content. BMP lists eyeball QC checks enabled in the BATON test plan, allowing users to add necessary errors, as well as mark each manual task as reviewed.

BMP lets the users cut short the debugging time and navigate to the erroneous location with a single click. As an add-on player with the capability to open BATON verification reports, the user can pinpoint and play the media around the error location and manually validate the severity of the error. With features like "Slow playback around error", "Play all errors", BMP plays all the detected faults/errors in an automated manner, without requiring any manual intervention.

File-based QC Solution

Features & Benefits

  • View eyeball QC checks enabled in the BATON Test Plan, and add necessary errors, as well as mark each manual task as reviewed
  • User interface available in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese languages
  • Easy to use interface to play and debug the erroneous files verified by BATON
  • Easily navigate to different error locations using thumbnails, time codes, and error messages; Navigate to previous error, next error, all/selected errors one by one
  • Easily add error, ignore error, restore error, add comments etc. while manually reviewing the verification report
  • Play, pause, rewind, fast forward, go to timecode, jog and shuttle, move to next/previous frame etc.
  • Play the error frames in slow motion, control play duration, and more
  • Get detailed information of the errors and attributes of the audio and video tracks
  • Use Region Marking options to highlight the portion of the video frames that contributed to an error (RGB, VSL, Light level, Dropout)
  • Enlarge thumbnails to examine error points in details; Refer Error Boundaries marked for enhanced analysis
  • Use the Error Timeline feature for an overview of the errors present in the content according to the time
  • Use Live Loudness Meter to highlight current loudness levels
  • Monitor the color intensity and range during playback using RGB Parade and Vector Scope
  • Use the Mark-in Mark-out feature to manually define and validate different segments of the content
  • Playback from different content locations: Local, UNC, FTP, Amazon S3, Avid interplay, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Azure Blob storage and HTTP server content location


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