New Features Highlights – Baton 6.4

  • Enhanced Video Quality Checks: Video Dropout sub-check 'Blocky Dropout' to detect additional types of blocky dropout errors
  • Enhanced Audio Quality Checks: Support to detect languages in an audio file; Support to detect aliasing in the frequency spectrum of an audio file; The Channel Configuration check enhanced to support detection of AAC channel configuration metadata
  • Enhanced Data Checks: The Closed Caption checks enhanced to detect the following: Presence or absence of CGMS-A, Presence or absence of Program Rating
  • Enhanced Verification Checks: H.264 format: The 3D SEI Messages enhanced to check the presence of 3D SEI Flags; MPEG-2 Video: the GOP Header Start Timecode check enhanced to report if the specified criteria for the start timecode matches the values in the file scheduled for verification
  • Enhanced Test Plans: Improved theme and layout of PDF format for a Test Plan; Test Plan description to display the name of the user who last modified the test plan; Test plan comparison user interface to display differences in a hierarchical view at the structural level; Section Templates enhanced with changes to audio and video quality sections; Section Templates enhanced to allow saving a section with or without criteria when copying sections
  • Verification Efficiency: Alerts: E-mail alerts enhanced to include information about the user performing a specific action; The Alerts feature enhanced to display system alerts and user alerts for tasks in queue; Reports: Support to change priority of all ready tasks on the search page; Smart Folders: Eenhanced to execute external scripts (such as Python scripts) or programs as a pre QC action
  • Debug: Support to playback a Baton verification report (.bvr) file analyzed through Baton running on HTTPS protocol; Support to automatically open the Sidecar caption or subtitle files while playing a media file in BMP
  • Correction: Correcting True Peak errors on LFE; Correcting Program Loudness using Dynamic Range Compression; Support to view all correctable tasks in the Task List; Support to correct files using Partial Quality Analysis; The correctFile method enhanced to provide destination path of corrected files in JSON output
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