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Technology Integrations

We are continuing to strengthen our extensive technology integration with APIs with our partners. Some of the new integrations are now available with Quantum, VSN, Cisco and Elemental.
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Partner Success - The Baton system has been successfully deployed at the SingTel data center in integration with the Dalet solution using APIs.

Partner Spotlight - Dalet (Solution Integration Brief)

Interra Systems Ships 6.1 Release of Baton
The release contains significant enhancements to address QC challenges faced by the customers in the wake of ever-increasing content over multiple distribution platforms and higher resolutions like 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD).

New Features Highlights - Baton 6.1

  • Formats: Support for new formats: RED Camera, MPEG-4 SStP Video
  • New Video Quality Checks: Mosquito Noise, Action Safe Area, Color Banding, Ringing Artifacts, High Frequency Noise, Pattern Noise, Ghosting Artifact, Blotches, Slice Interchange)
  • New Audio Quality Check: Audio Crackle
  • Detection: Automated slate detection in content
  • Cloud: Support for Google Cloud storage
  • Baton Content Corrector: Enhancements in correction feature: Video Signal Level correction, Dolby-E Guard Band correction, Dolby-E Re-encode support
  • Baton Media Player: Support for marking error region for video quality errors during content playback

The recently released the new Baton product is packed with powerful new features to support multi-language and wide range of media formats, enhanced audio and video quality checks, extensive verification, robust error reporting and debugging, an intuitive web-based interface, and enterprise scalability. Baton also features multi-severity quality checks, a feature that is unique to only Baton. Our new product, Baton+ offering extends the value proposition embodied in Baton. Baton+ is designed to work across multiple Baton installations and provides functionalities like workflow QC, data analytics, and centralized management console.

Interra Systems Highlights Seamless QC With Browser-Based Baton Media Player
The Broadcast Bridge
Interra Systems' latest version of Baton comes with the Baton Media Player (BMP) included as a browser-based plugin, allowing users to open reports within the Baton interface without having to install a separate desktop application for eyeball QC of media. Read more...
Interra Systems in News
Maori Television Selects Interra Systems' Baton QC Solution
EBS Selects Interra Systems' Baton QC Solution
Interra Systems Wins the 2015 NAB Best of Show Award
Post Perspective Video Interview at NAB 2015 with Ashish Basu
Baton Test Plan Video Tutorial

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White Papers
Myth and Reality of Auto-Correction in File-based Workflows

File-based workflows are ubiquitous in the broadcast world today. However, the adoption of file-based flows comes with its own set of challenges. The first one, of course, is - does my file have the right media, in the right format and without artifacts?
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Interra at KOBA 2015
Our team at SMPTE Australia

Interra at KOBA 2015
We participated in KOBA with our partner Namsung. The booth was visited by important customers in the region.
Orion - The Only Virtualization-ready Monitoring Platform

Orion is an advanced monitoring platform that performs all critical monitoring functions on up to hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform. Orion supports virtualization and comprehensive QoE evaluation on HEVC and 4K content and offers in-depth audio and video quality monitoring, ad-Insertion monitoring including SCTE-35 cue messages and post-insertion verification for regulatory compliance. Orion's Central Manager provides an operator with complete visibility of all Orion-monitored points in the entire network, including thumbnails, video services status and error reports. Users can drill down to any program in any of the monitoring probes for quick problem identification and proactive problem resolution.

New Features Highlights - Orion 2.0

  • Encoder Boundary Point monitoring for ABR streams
  • Comprehensive Closed Caption monitoring - review frame by frame closed captions
  • IGMP traffic logging to/from Orion probes for network debugging
  • Support for AAC Plus Audio(also known as HE-AAC)
  • Check for presence or absence of encryption
  • Check for detecting Service Bitrate Freeze during statistical multiplexing
  • Ability to configure capture interfaces to be used for management of streaming traffic
  • Data aggregation and historical reports across Orion probes
  • Channel line-up view for monitoring the same services across different points in a workflow
  • Real-time comparison of feeds

Vega - In-Depth Audio Video Analzyers for Debug, Standards Compliance, Debug, and Interoperability
Vega is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams.

New Feature Highlights - Vega H264 9.4

  • Support for displaying picture at various decoding stages for H.264 video
  • Enhancements in the XML reports layout for all formats
  • Support for HLS and Smooth Streaming formats
  • Support for unscrambled data for nodes containing both scrambled and unscrambled data in Transport stream

New Feature Highlights - Vega HEVC 2.7

  • Support for decoding HEVC streams as per HM16.4 reference code
  • Beta support for analysis of MMT (MPEG media transport) streams
  • Support for MXF, HLS, ISM, and MPEG-DASH streams
  • Support for analysis of DVB subtitles
  • Support added to perform TR 101 290 priority checks on transport streams
  • Support for Closed Caption 708 data
  • Compare multiple YUV sequences with a single YUV reference sequence

Interra at BCA 2015
We showcased our entire range of products at Broadcast Asia. Our sales team had several good meetings with customers, technology and channel partners, we also saw interest in our products from new partners in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mediatech Africa
Jul 15 - 17, 2015
Johanesburg, South Africa

SET Expo
Aug 25 - 27, 2015

Aug 26 - 29, 2015
Beijing, China

Sep 11 - 15, 2015
RAI Amsterdam

Interra Systems Wins the "Best of Show TV Technology 2015" Award for Baton and Baton+. Of the 1,780 NAB 2015 exhibitors and hundreds of entrants, only 50 companies receive a NewBay Media Best of Show: TV Technology.