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Technology Integrations

Partner Spotlight - arvato (Solution Integration Brief)

Baton's integration with arvato Systems VPMS helps customers achieve content readiness & consistency at different stages of a broadcast management workflow, such as media transfer, format conversion, hardware control and information sharing with external applications...

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Baton Content Corrector
Automate Content Correction in Baton File-based QC
Baton Content Corrector (BCC) addresses the need to correct content verified by Baton. BCC enables its users to get a list of content verified by Baton, correct errors, and once again schedule the content for QC by Baton. Users can then play the corrected content in Baton Media Player (BMP) to analyze the corrections. BCC is an easy to use software that syncs up with the Baton system and provides access to the Baton task list. BCC is also optimized to take advantage of multi-core systems to maximize the processing of content.

Achieve the following with Baton Content Corrector:

  • Correct the Channel Layout and Dolby E Guard Band
  • Correct RGB Color Gamut & Video Signal Level errors
  • Correct audio loudness (Program/Average loudness, true peak, loudness range, AC3 dialogue normalization, mismatch in audio tracks)
  • Correct misplaced channels; Re-encode Dolby-E audio essence
  • Correct metadata
  • Partially correct media files and view the tasks in progress
  • Correct media files verified by Baton
  • Re-transcode or save as uncompressed media
  • View list of recently completed tasks in the Baton system
  • View verification report for any task
  • Search the Baton system for a specific file verified in Baton
  • Verify corrected media files again in Baton
  • Compare the erroneous and corrected media files
  • Play erroneous and corrected file, using Baton Media Player
Interra Systems in News
Interra Systems VP of Sales, Ashish Basu, Speaks to IABM TV – IBC 2015
DPP Announcements And Implementations Showcased at IBC
White Papers
Video Dropouts and the Challenges They Pose to Video Quality Assessment
The media industry is rapidly adopting file-based workflows in all stages of the content lifecycle including transcoding, repurposing, delivery, etc.
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Product Tutorial
- Baton Administrative Tasks
This video will take you through the Administrative Tasks in Baton: the Baton Components, the Baton Service Manager, Configuring Baton, Managing User Accounts, Monitoring Baton Services, Backup and Restore Processes, Managing Databases, Best Practices for Baton Health Monitoring
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Short How-to Tutorials
- Baton Content Corrector
This video will explain the functionality of Baton Content Corrector (BCC) which is an add-on to Baton and helps to correct the media files verified by Baton.
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BVE 2015
Booth# E23
Feb 23 - 25, 2016
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Mar 8 - 10, 2016