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Interra Systems News & Articles:

Media Content Compliance is More Efficient, Accurate With ML-Driven QC Solutions
Machine learning and deep learning-based solutions are making a significant impact on media QC thanks to the availability of large GPU computing power and datasets.
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Euromedia – Test & Monitoring Survey 2018 (Pages 16-18)
Test & Monitor is in the frontline preserving consumer QoE and sheilding the provider from avoidable Opex and Capex.
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Mediacan Speeds Up QC Operations and Enhances Content Quality With Interra Systems
Interra Systems announced that CUDO Mediacan, a Korean broadcast provider with multiple TV channels, has successfully deployed Interra Systems’ BATON® file-based QC.
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Technology Integrations

Partner Spotlight - BATON, integration with Metus MAM provides an automated solution to manage and archive assets.

Learn about integration of Interra Systems’ solutions with Metus MAM

We are continuing to strengthen our extensive technology integration with APIs with our partners. Click here to view our other partners
Technology Integration

Success Stories
Success Stories

Comprehensive Monitoring for Cloud-based OTT Workflows
The dynamic nature of OTT services requires a scalable workflow. The cloud-based architecture allows users to scale up and down storage, origin servers, CDN capacity, andother systems in the workflow, based on demand, without impacting performance.

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White Paper

Innovations in Machine Learning and AI for Media QC Operations

This whitepaper explores the next generation of QC checks, which involve in-depth semantic understanding of content by identifying and extracting objects, events, actions, scenes and spoken or visual words from the audio-visual content and using them for specific purposes like content compliance, content classification, indexing and retrieval, automatic generation of content description or captions.

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Challenges in HDR

QC Challenges in HDR

While HDR offerings appear to expand and provide the consumer with a more enriching and satisfying viewing experience, they also pose challenges in the interim wherein standards are still being developed and all the components of the production and broadcast flow may not always be on the same page.

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Qatar Broadcast Exhibition 2019

Feb 19, 2019
La Cigale Hotel, Doha Qatar

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BVE 2019

Booth# L40, Feb 26 - 28, 2019

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