Aspera and Interra Systems Team to Deliver Automated File Transfer and Content Readiness Solution for Broadcasters and Film Studios

Aspera fasp Technology Integrated with Interra's Baton Software Expedites File-based Workflows

SMPTE Annual Tech Conference, Hollywood, Calif. (Booths #108 and #305) - October 27, 2009
Aspera, Inc. and Interra Systems today announced a technology partnership to deliver an integrated solution of automated file transfer and automated content verification for media and entertainment companies. The combination of Aspera's industry-leading fasp™ transport technology and Interra's Baton® automated content verification system will enable broadcasters and film studios to achieve an integrated file transfer/video quality control (QC) for content readiness. Aspera has joined Interra's Baton-Connect™ partner program and is working closely with Interra on joint integration of the technologies.

"Baton combined with fasp is a solution requirement from mutual customers that will enable production teams to derive new efficiencies by automating and linking Interra's content verification with Aspera's file transfer protocol," said Krishna Uppuluri, vice president of marketing at Interra Systems. "We are pleased to welcome Aspera as a Baton-Connect partner as its open-architecture allows for easy integration with Baton and works with any existing network infrastructure."

With file-based workflows, production cycles are getting shorter and production teams are challenged with an explosion in digital content with multiple formats demanded by new channels and markets. In addition, large-scale film and broadcast projects typically include creative teams spanning several continents and time zones, with each crew using a variety of editing tools. To remain competitive in this evolving environment, media and entertainment companies need to automate quality control and file transfers to ensure timely delivery of a consistent, high quality product.

The integration of Aspera's file transfer technology with Baton expedites file-based workflows across several critical points. On the content send-side, as media files are successfully processed and verified "content ready" through Baton, Aspera will be invoked to transfer the file to its destination automatically. On the content receive-side, the arrival of an Aspera transfer can immediately invoke a Baton quality control step to be verified "content ready". Powered by Aspera's high-speed file transfer technology, the Baton content verification system instantly enables distribution of approved content over wide area networks (WANs), utilizing full bandwidth while protecting other network traffic.

"It's a natural fit for these two technologies to be knitted together from a process and operations perspective," said Diego Dugatkin, vice president of product management at Aspera. "Both fasp and Baton are highly scalable technologies that help production teams work faster, smarter and with more precision. By connecting and automating QC and delivery processes, customers will have more control over critical stages in the content lifecycle and more cost-effective operations."

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