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A Machine-Learning-Based Approach to Automatic Caption Alignment for Video Streaming
Streaming Media | November 21, 2022
Originally developed to aid the hearing-impaired, closed captioning has become an integral part of the viewing experience. However, a slight misalignment in audio and captions-either from editing, ad-insertion, or frame rate/format conversion—can completely defeat its purpose.
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Spotlight: The technologies shaping the future of subtitling and audio dubbing
Digital Studio | November 21, 2022
A chat with industry players involved in the automation behind subtitling, translations, and audio-dubbing, to explore how new technology in the space is making content more accessible to viewers.
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Ashish Base at IBC 2022

Interra's Ashish Basu Speaks to Post Perspective at IBC 2022 - Oct 11 2022
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Test & Measurement (T&M) solutions: Taking the temperature
IBC 365 | November 08, 2022
Vendors are increasingly focused on delivering T&M solutions that allow broadcasters to undertake efficient monitoring across multiple production environments and formats, writes David Davies.
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Interra Systems' BATON Delivers Media QC for ZOO Digital - Page 31
Tvtech | Nov, 2022
As one of the largest players in the global content localization space, Vista explored various automated AV quality checking tools in the market.
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Interra Systems' ORION-OTT Solution Passes Rigorous Foundational Technical Review
October 20, 2022
Interra Systems has successfully completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) of its ORION-OTT solution.
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BATON | Detect, Decode and Scan QR Code

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VEGA Vista | An MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzer for Content Validation and Quality Assurance
MPEG-2 transport stream (MPEG-2 TS) is a widely used container format for transmission and storage of compressed video. MPEG-2 TS specifies how to multiplex the audio, video, and other auxiliary data for a given TV program or an on-demand video file. An MPEG-2 TS can contain multiple videos, and the standard allows packetized elementary streams to form a complete transport stream. For a video service operator, this increases bandwidth efficiency since multiple TV programs can be sent via a single channel. MPEG-2 TS continues to be the de-facto video delivery standard for ATSC, DVB, and IPTV video systems and is also used by some OTT service providers.
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Tech Leadership 2022

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NAB 2023
Booth# N3159, North Hall
April 15–19, 2023
Las Vegas Convention Center
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May 16–18, 2023
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BCA 2023
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June 7–9, 2023
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