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Technology Integrations
Partner Spotlight - Avid Interplay MAM (Solution Integration Brief)
We are continuing to strengthen our extensive technology integration with APIs with our partners...
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Roundtable Films Choose Baton As Part of Major Re-launch of Top London Post Facility
"Automation has become a vital part of the production and post-production environment. During our recent expansion to finishing services, we looked for a product that offered a wide range of capabilities beyond being DPP compliant, such as resolution independence and the ability to cover various deliverables like 4K Digital Cinema and UHDTV," said Ben Coulson, Managing Director at Roundtable Films.
BATONTM 6.3 - New Features Highlights
The release offers new capabilities such as:
  • Baton Media Player (BMP): The BMP interface is revamped in a new intuitive look; Additional options provided to review a bvr file; Start and finish the review process; Ignore errors; Restore errors
  • Baton Content Corrector (BCC): New Web UI for BCC - remote access using a web browser; Correct ProRes video format files; Less file copying operations during corrections
ORIONTM 2.0.4 - New Feature Highlights
The release offers new capabilities such as:
  • Enterprise Features: Updates to the licensing policy
  • Enhanced Usability: Paginated live views for feeds and services with intuitive sorting and filtering options
Verifying DPP files in BATONTM
What is DPP?
In May 2010 three UK broadcasters, ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC formed the Digital Production Partnership in order to smooth and accelerate the move to end-to-end digital; with more benefit, less pain and less cost – for everyone. DPP has produced numerous industry insight reports and events, and produced best practice guidance...
Short How-to Tutorials
- Profiling a File in Baton
White Paper
Addressing Challenges in Developing HEVC based Codecs with Good Analysis Tools
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is an emerging video coding standard introduced by ITU-T VCEG and ISO/ IEC MPEG.
HEVC introduces several additional coding tools to increase the compression performance. This performance gain comes at the cost of increased complexity. A complex video compression standard like the HEVC can pose tremendous challenges for creating robust, high quality products including encoders, decoders, multiplexers, transcoders etc. 4K and 8K videos further add to the complexity as they require faster processing power as well. In this paper we will explore the features of HEVC video and the challenges posed by this standard as far as analysis and debug are concerned. Further, we will discuss the powerful mechanism of debugging these complicated modules through Interra Systems’ Vega HEVC Analyzer.
White Paper Highlights:
- Challenges in HEVC Codec Development (Complexity / Compression / Quality Analysis, Bit Stream Violations, Buffer Analysis)
- Debugging HEVC Components (Coding Blocks, Intra-Prediction, Motion Compensation, Sample Adaptive Offset, Residual Parsing, Hypothetical Reference Decoder, Quality Comparison)
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Interra Systems @ BVE
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Mar 8 - 10, 2016
CCBN 2016
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March 24-26, 2016
CIEC, BeiJing, China
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