Interra Systems' solutions streamline the classification, QC process, and monitoring of media content across the entire creation and distribution chain. Featuring ML/AI-enabled algorithms and software-defined architecture, our solutions support a variety of deployment scenarios, including the cloud.
BATON® | Media QC
Interra Systems' BATON is the leading M/L and AI enabled automated QC platform that provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for VOD content, in the cloud / on-premises, for linear and streaming workflows
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ORION®-OTT | Media Monitoring
ORION-OTT is a comprehensive monitoring solution for LIVE services and VOD assets, in the cloud or on-prem. It offers a high performance, scalable solution to verify ABR videos for monitoring both QoS and QoE. The ORION Central Manager (OCM) provides enterprise-wide visibility by enabling central management of multiple ORION Linear and ORION-OTT setups present at the same or diverse geographic locations.
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ORION® | IP/Linear Media Monitoring
ORION is a real-time content monitoring system that enables service providers to deliver error-free, superior quality video. ORION provides real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures that looks at all aspects of video streams such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting and troubleshooting.
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BATON® Captions | Automating Captioning Workflows
BATON Captions is an automated solution for all kinds of captioning needs, allowing broadcasters and media professionals to address requirements from caption generation to QC, auto corrections, review, and editing. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and automatic speech recognition technology, BATON CAPTIONS brings simplicity and cost savings to the creation, management, and delivery of captions for traditional TV and video streaming.
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VEGA | Media Analysis
VEGA Media Analyzer (VMA) is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams. VEGA CLI is ideally suited for media companies that have moved to cloud platforms and need access to analysis tools for streams validation. VEGA Vista is ideally suited for media companies that receive or deliver video using MPEG-2 transport stream format, e.g., cable and satellite operators, broadcasters and OTT streaming service providers.
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BATON® LipSync | Automatic Audio-Video Sync Detection
BATON LipSync is an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. BATON LipSync leverages image processing and machine learning (ML) technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors.
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WINNOW | Content Classification
WINNOW is a powerful software for classifying audio-visual content into semantic concepts. WINNOW uses Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for identification of key elements in content in accordance with regulations in different countries, regions, and organizations.
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