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The Pivotal Role of Real-Time Stream Monitoring in Elevating Live Sports Streaming Quality
Streaming Media | September 2023
Streaming services have revolutionized the way media content is consumed, especially when it comes to live sports. Delivering a high-quality streaming experience to sports fans is no simple feat, and there are several essential measures that streaming media companies must undertake.
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Monitoring Ad Insertion in FAST channels
CSI | October 2023
Each step in the ad insertion process has the potential to introduce errors. For FAST channels, the meticulous monitoring of ad placements for both precision and quality is critical.
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ST 2110 and NDI: The Stellar Trajectory of IP Video
IBC 365 | November 2023
The world of IP-based video is defined at present by a couple of major technologies. David Davies examines their primary points of difference and wonders ‘what’s next’ for media connectivity and transportation.
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Ashish Base at IBC 2023

Ashish Basu talks about exciting QC support for post production and more... - IBC 2023
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The Vital Role of the VEGA AV1 Analyzer for Standards Compliance and Quality (Sponsored)
TV Tech | December 2023
This article delves into the pivotal role that Interra Systems’ VEGA AV1 Analyzer plays in modern media streaming.
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Mastering the Digital Frontier: The Importance of QC Checks in UHD Workflows
TV Tech | October 2023
As UHD becomes widespread, it is critical that providers deliver content in pristine quality to match viewers’ ever-increasing expectations.
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Korea EBS Realizes Consistent and Accurate QC of Ingest and Playout Workflows With Interra Systems’ BATON Automated Platform
October 2023
Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) — South Korea’s public broadcasting organization dedicated to informing, educating, engaging, and enlightening a diverse populace — has recently deployed the company’s award-winning BATON AI-/ML-enabled automated QC platform and BATON Content Corrector (BCC).
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Monitoring & Compliance Developments 2023
The Broadcast Bridge | September 2023
Monitoring and Compliance vendors are out in force at IBC 2023 to show they are addressing current challenges faced by broadcasters and service providers, in live streaming, remote monitoring, and quality assurance especially.
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BATON 9.0 | What's New

BATON 9.0 | What's New

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White Paper
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Challenges of Dynamic Ad Insertion in the OTT Environment
Challenges of Dynamic Ad Insertion in the OTT Environment - With the drastic growth in consumer demand, OTT service providers and broadcasters are looking for a profitable business model to generate revenue from OTT streaming services. Subscription-based, pay-per-view, and ad-based models are common revenue models for OTT. Dynamic Ad Insertion enables broadcasters to insert ads, specifically targeted to end users, into the content on the fly. This paper talks about the challenges of DAI in an already complex OTT workflow.
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VEGA Media Analyzer

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