In the rapidly evolving world of digital media, ensuring content quality and compliance is essential. The VEGA Media Analyser platform stands out as a comprehensive solution, offering in-depth media analysis. VMA is the ultimate partner for in-depth media analysis, content debugging, and compliance. Its suite of analyzers - including AV1, HEVC, MPEG, VVC, and H.264 - ensures that you can handle any video codec with confidence.

By incorporating VMA into your workflow, you can guarantee the highest quality and compliance. Whether you're dealing with AV1, VVC, HEVC, H.264, Dolby Vision, JPEG-2K, Apple ProRes, VP9, Dolby AC3, Dolby EAC3, Dolby AC4, Dolby Atmos, Dolby E, ALS Audio, MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, ISM, HEIF/HEIC, ATSC 3.0, MPEG-2 TS, WebM, or more codecs, VMA provides the robust tools needed to maintain the highest standards of media content.

VEGA HEVC Analyzer

HEVC Analyzer

VMA includes a powerful HEVC analyzer designed to evaluate High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) streams. This tool allows you to pinpoint issues quickly and ensure that your HEVC content meets industry standards and performs optimally across various devices. Read more →

MPEG Analyzer

For those working with MPEG formats, VEGA offers an advanced MPEG analyzer. This tool helps you analyze MPEG streams with precision, ensuring that all aspects of the media file are compliant with MPEG standards. It's an indispensable resource for anyone needing to validate MPEG content. Read more →

AV1 Analyzer

With the rising popularity of AV1 for streaming and online video, the VEGA AV1 analyzer has become an essential asset. The analyzer provides detailed insights into AV1 streams, facilitating thorough content analysis and debugging. Ensure your AV1 videos are error-free and compliant with the latest specifications. Read more →

VVC Analyzer

The VVC analyzer included in VMA offers cutting-edge capabilities for analyzing Versatile Video Coding (VVC) streams. As VVC gains traction for its efficiency in compression and quality, having a reliable VVC analyzer is crucial for content creators and distributors aiming to stay ahead in the industry. Read more →

H.264 Analyzer

One of the most widely used codecs, H.264, also receives comprehensive support through the VEGA H.264 analyzer. This tool is designed to scrutinize H.264 streams thoroughly, enabling you to debug and ensure compliance with ease. It's perfect for maintaining the quality of your H.264 encoded content. Read more →

Video Codec Analyzer

Beyond specific codecs, VMA serves as an all-encompassing video codec analyzer. It supports a broad range of codecs, providing detailed reports and insights for each. This versatility ensures that whatever codec you are working with, VEGA has the tools you need to analyze and maintain your media content. Read more →

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Key Features & Highlights

  • Enterprise-class Debugging Platform
    • Enterprise-wide debugging and standard compliance with media standards
    • Conformance violations at all levels for accurate examination of media standards
    • Easy to navigate visuals, high level picture information down to feature block structure
    • Dumping of media information at different levels, like NAL, stream, sequence etc.
    • Zero restrictions on resolution and file size
    • Media resolution support up to 16K
    • Analysis of information from the high level to the block level graphically like bitrate, frame distribution, compression ratio, QP etc.
    • Detailed analysis of statistics at different levels like stream, sequence, NAL, frame etc.
    • Examination of block level parameters like coded bits, motion vectors, QP etc
    • Highlighting raw data in hexadecimal and binary formats down to the block level
    • Analysis of different stages of the decoding process
    • DPB and reference picture information analysis
    • Debugging intra prediction process with intra pred mode and neighbouring samples
    • Debugging inter prediction process with motion vectors and interpolation information
    • Examining the loop filtering process using before and after pictures
    • Video - VVC, AV1, HEVC, Dolby Vision, H.264, VP9, Apple ProRes, JPEG-2K, MPEG-2 Video, VP8, AVS+
    • Audio - Dolby AC4, Dolby Atmos, Dolby E, AAC, AC-3/EAC3, MPEG Audio, LPCM, MP3, ALS, AES3, FLAC, Vorbis, DTS
    • System - MPEG-2 TS, MP4/Quick Time, HEIF, MMT, TLV-MMT, MXF, Program, WebM, PCAP, MPEG-2 PS; MPEG-DASH, HLS, ISM
    • Image - JPEGXS, HEIC, JPEG
    • Others - EIA 608/708, AFD, XDS, DIVICOM-608, HDR, DVB Subtitle, TELETEXT, SCTE35
    • ABR Video Checks – Blockiness, Black Frames, Freeze Frames
    • ABR Audio Checks Loudness, Silence, CALM specification
    • CMAF Checks
    • TS Conformance Checks – TR101290, Cable Labs 3.0, ARIB STD-B1 Annex C, ARIB TR-B14 Profile C, and HbbTV
    • ATSC 3.0 Checks
  • Detailed Syntax Analysis
    • Analysis of the stream structure through syntax elements from the high level to the block level
    • Display of syntax elements and data levels along with highlighted raw data
    • Debugging block level syntax elements and their CABAC engine state
    • Debugging parsed residues and coefficients with the scanning order
    • Quad Tree view for displaying block splitting
    • Powerful reporting of overflow/underflow in TSTD and CPB model
    • PCR inaccuracy and intervals, PCR drift rate, PCR frequency offset analysis
    • PTS/DTS analysis
    • Table repetition and priority checks analysis
    • Audio/video sync analysis at TS timeline
    • ABR content validation with respect to the manifest file and ability to report the minutest violations
    • Integrated player to test bitrate switching and video quality errors
    • Alignment of Segments, encoded PTS/DTS and IDR
    • Evaluation of video quality matrices like PSNR, RMSE and SSIM
    • Evaluation of pixel level comparisons between the source and decoded YUVs
    • Comparison between two video streams viz. HEVC/H264/VP9 vs HEVC/H264/VP9
    • Encoding comparison - bit rate, QP data, buffer occupancy, motion vectors etc.
    • Quality comparison - contrast, blockiness, pixelation, and blurriness
    • Intuitive player to refer and compare files side by side

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