ORION® | 24x7 Confidence Monitoring of Linear/IP Video

Interra Systems' ORION is a real-time content monitoring system that enables service providers to deliver error-free, superior quality video. ORION provides real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures that looks at all aspects of video streams such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting and troubleshooting. ORION performs critical monitoring functions on hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform, providing an operator with a single point of visibility and access to important information such as, status, alerts, alarms, visible impairments, error reports, triggered captures and more. ORION effortlessly monitors streaming content scaling single to multiple monitoring units/ sites across different geographical locations.

ORION is built on industry proven audio/video quality checks to produce actionable alarms.

All data can be viewed real-time or logged into ORION for performance analytics in customized reports for specific regulatory standards such as, FCC closed captioning requirements and CALM/EBU loudness. ORION is ready for future networks with support for 4K HEVC and virtualized monitoring probes today.

With SCTE-35 monitoring and thumbnail capture, ORION provides proof positive for ad and program insertion. Having a record of a problem is also useful to service providers as they look for ways to improve content quality and correct errors.

ORION's easy to use web interface lets users drill down from MPEG-2 TS to video payload errors. The scalable, flexible platform also offers extended APIs facilitating integration with 3rd party data collectors for seamless NOC integration. ORION further aids the deployment with compatibility with off the shelf hardware and complete remote access with REST APIs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive QoE monitoring for HEVC and 4K content
  • Support for 10 Gbps monitoring with fiber and copper connectivity
  • Easy deployment and expansion using standard PC hardware
  • Seamlessly deploys in virtual/cloud-based environment
  • Authentication/authorization using LDAP
  • ORION Central Manager (OCM) provides enterprise-wide visibility by enabling central management of multiple ORION Linear and ORION-OTT setups present at the same or diverse geographic locations
  • Ad-Insertion monitoring including SCTE-35 cue messages and post-insertion verification for regulatory compliance
  • ST2110 Monitoring including support for ST-2110-20/30/31/40, PTP, Redundancy and NMOS Integration
  • SCTE-104 Ad Markers monitoring in SDI and SDI-over-IP Feeds
  • SRT and RIST contribution feeds monitoring
  • Service Availability monitoring and reporting
  • Closed caption data monitoring
  • Historic reports, alerts, metrics and analytics
  • Highly configurable and easy to set up alarms / alerts (including SNMP)
  • Custom alerting actions, such as Slack, HTTP, Push, Microsoft Teams
  • ITU, EBU / CALM compliance
  • SDI signal monitoring - SDI over BNC - SDIoIP (ST-2110)
  • MPEG-2 TS integrity checks
  • In-depth audio/video quality monitoring and conformance checks
  • Manual and automatic recording of signals based on customizable triggers for deeper debugging
  • Real-time comparison of feeds and playback support
  • Supports Linux operating system
  • REST APIs Support: For managing profiles, system control and configuration; managing and monitoring feeds and services such as service decoding, video/audio quality analysis, buffer analysis, audio loudness monitoring, PID details; for exporting alerts, and trends in Bitrate , Loudness, PIAT, RTP Packet Loss, Jitter, FEC Packet Recovery in XML and CSV formats; Closed Captions, SCTE-35, EBP and IGMP data in XML format


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