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BATON Captions is an automated solution for all kinds of captioning needs, allowing broadcasters and media professionals to address requirements from caption generation to QC, auto corrections, review, regeneration and editing. Utilizing this high-performance solution, based on machine learning (ML) and automatic speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) for proper line breaks and segmentation, media companies can dramatically expedite the caption creation, QC and verification processes for both live and VOD content, while ensuring a high quality.

BATON Captions reports any inaccuracy in captions and audio, as well as compliance issues, providing broadcasters with automated options for correcting alignment and text. Captions can be regenerated in multiple versions, checked against actual audio essence, corrected, and exported to any industry-supported caption format. Offering support for a host of subtitle and closed caption formats, BATON Captions helps drive globalization of content for broadcasters and other media professionals. Broadcasters have the option of deploying the captioning solution on premises or in the cloud for added flexibility.

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Key Features & Highlights

One-stop Captions Solution

  • Industry-proven expertise for QC of captions and subtitles
  • Captions & subtitles generation, regeneration and correction
  • Precise time stamping in scripts
  • Customizable captions properties like reading speed, placement and more
  • Feature-rich review for editing with frame-accurate playback
  • Flexible Licensing: SaaS / Cloud / On-Prem / Hybrid
  • Caption generation from audio transcript
Comprehensive QC

  • Audio and video synchronization
  • Automatic format detection
  • Conformance to OTT platforms
  • Burnt-in caption detection
  • Checks for reading speed, row count, character count
  • Checks for frame rate, language and spelling
  • Checks for presence of undesirable text
  • Metadata conformance
  • Rich QC reports
Multi-lingual Captions & Subtitles

  • Fast, dynamic and reliable machine translation engine
  • Subtitles for videos in 15+ languages including English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese and more
Accurate Captions

  • Powered by ML and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for proper line breaks and segmentation
Format and API Support

  • Embedded and side car formats, all major text and doc formats
  • Rich set of API available as postman collection which can be downloaded from UI
  • Format specific checks for TTML, WebVTT and STL formats
Seamless Integrations

  • Free of cost integration with Vantage
  • Support for SAML single sign-on – Okta and Azure


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