Interra Systems plays a large role through innovations in artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques. Interra Systems' award-winning ML/AI media technology solutions support content classification, complex tasks of identifying lip sync issues, audio language detection and aligning speech to text captions and more.

BATON Captions | Automating Captioning Workflows

BATON® Captions is an automated solution for all kinds of captioning needs, allowing broadcasters and media professionals to address requirements from caption generation to QC, auto corrections, review, and editing. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and automatic speech recognition technology, BATON Captions brings simplicity and cost savings to the creation, management, and delivery of captions for traditional TV and video streaming.

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BATON LipSync | Automatic Audio-Video Sync Detection

BATON LipSync is an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. BATON LipSync leverages image processing and machine learning (ML) technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors. Using BATON LipSync, broadcasters and service providers can accurately detect audio lead and lag issues in media content in order to provide a superior quality of experience (QoE) to viewers.

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AI/ML-based Custom Services

Interra Systems pioneers in delivering cutting-edge AI/ML-based services to the dynamic and fast-evolving landscape of broadcasters and OTT service providers. Our unrivaled technical proficiency, enriched by years of experience, and a profound understanding of various media formats and intricate workflows, position us as industry leaders. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to putting our customers at the center of everything we do.

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Media QC Support

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