VEGA™ | In-depth Media Analysis for Content Debug & Compliance

VEGA Media Analyzer (VMA) is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams. VMA enables navigation down to the deepest levels of a media file to generate error reports and analysis. This significantly reduces R&D and QA time in delivering standards-compliant video.  VMA supports all popular video compression and container standards and includes features such as video comparison and quality checks. These features help deliver high quality, standards-compliant media while reducing R&D and QA time.

VEGA Media Analyzer (VMA) | Windows-based software for debug and analysis of compressed media

Developed specifically for professionals involved in encoding and testing of compressed video. The software-based analyzer presents a comprehensive view and analysis of every frame and every bit of the compressed file. It is designed for applications where you need to see information visually, make changes to parameters and see how it affects video, see where and what types of standards violations have occurred. Ideally suited for media companies that receive or prepare video streams, which contain a varied set of compression standards. The software can be installed on a PC server in a lab or can be accessed by team members irrespective of their location. Powerful tool for broadcast, cable, OTT, and Telco operators for system design verification, debug, video quality measurements and performance.

The software is installed on an on-prem machine and the usage is mostly GUI driven, and it provides a single interface for all media analysis. It gives the user flexibility to license various options based on their requirement.
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Ideally suited for media companies that have moved to cloud platforms and need access to analysis tools for streams validation. Efficiency of operation is critical as large amounts of files need to be validated in one go on an ongoing basis. Dockerized version can be instantiated on any cloud machine.

The software is used for stream validation, debug and analysis of audio and video elementary streams, conformance checks, ABR streams. It is a linux-based tool that provides output in an xml format. Built for verification of large amounts of video files in an automated environment, through command line interface.
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VEGA Vista

Ideally suited for media companies that receive or deliver video using MPEG-2 transport stream format, e.g., cable and satellite operators, broadcasters and OTT streaming service providers. Efficiency of operation is critical as large amounts of files need to be validated in one go on an ongoing basis. The product can be installed on a PC server for on-prem use or on a cloud machine.

This software is focused on MPEG-2 transport stream analysis. Built for verification of large amounts of video files in an automated environment. The tool also offers a GUI for profiles customization.
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performs a detailed analysis on audio-video synchronization. It identifies out of sync points in the media content and provides relevant debug information to enable accurate assignment of Presentation Time Stamps. VEGA AVSync is designed to expedite testing and delivery of standards-compliant encoder, multiplexer and decoder systems.
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Audio Video Analzyers for Debug

Features & Benefits

  • Frame by frame analysis with comprehensive error reports
  • Forward/backward, vertical navigation down to macroblock level
  • Detailed display of coded information: average MB size, quantization, and frame statistics
  • Video comparison - HEVC vs HEVC/H.264/VP9 to evaluate encoder performance, quality
  • Fast analysis and Partial analysis mode for long streams
  • Interactive buffer analysis
  • Batch Mode for automation of regression tests
  • Complete support for HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming format
  • Industry-proven quality checks - blockiness, blurriness etc. to gauge video quality
  • TR101 290 Priority and CableLabs checks, T-STD buffer analysis
  • PCR/PTS inaccuracy and intervals, PCR jitter and drift rate, PCR frequency offset, PTS/DTS analysis
  • Audio-video synchronization analysis
  • DVB subtitles, Teletext, DSM-CC analysis, PCAP and RTP file, ETV and EBIF stream analysis