BATON® LipSync | Automatic Audio-Video Sync Detection

BATON® LipSync is an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. BATON LipSync leverages image processing and machine learning (ML) technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors. Using BATON LipSync, broadcasters and service providers can accurately detect audio lead and lag issues in media content in order to provide a superior quality of experience (QoE) to viewers.

The BATON LipSync application is capable of performing facial detection, facial tracking, lip detection, lip activity detection, and speech identification. Sync errors can be debugged further in BATON Media Player (BMP) through a feature-rich interface that plots out-of-sync audio and video errors on a skew timeline for better visualization. After errors are detected, BATON LipSync provides a comprehensive report of all the LipSync issues.

Available content can be checked in any language independent of the region and area. Offering support for most industry formats, BATON LipSync meets media professionals’ complex requirements for delivering high-quality multiscreen video. BATON LipSync can be seamlessly integrated into any existing content processing workflow, or it can be used as a stand-alone application.

BATON LipSync answers a critical industry need by replacing a time-consuming, expensive manual process with faster and more accurate machine-assisted detection.

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Key Features & Highlights

AI/ML Enabled

  • Accurate results, using machine learning driven approach
  • Accurate detection of the audio lead and lag issues in units of video frames
Language Independent

  • Checks for content in any language independently of the region and area
  • Supports for all industry supported formats
  • Available on-premises and in the cloud
Rich BMP Interface

  • Audio-video sync errors on lead/lag timeline
  • Views for original and adjusted video side by side
  • Manual input for lead-lag for experimentation
  • Exact location of error on timeline
Seamless Integration

  • Seamless integration with any existing content processing workflow; can be used as a stand-alone application


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