25 Feb, 2021

Anupama Anantharaman

Vice President of Product Management

Recommendations for Optimizing OTT Video in 2021 and Beyond

Over the last five years we’ve seen OTT video consumption rising steadily. It is now close to becoming the dominant video delivery platform. The surge was particularly strong last year as the world saw most of the workforce spending more time at home, consuming more content than ever before, due to the COVID pandemic.

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07 Feb, 2021

Muneesh Verma

Senior Sales Engineer, APAC , Australia and New Zealand

How to Perfect Ad Insertion in the OTT Media Streaming Environment

Streaming media over OTT platforms has given users the ability to access any content, at any time on a device. With this flexibility the era of conventional cable and DTH television is threatened. These service providers are slowly losing their market share to OTT platforms. According to industry research, video views on OTT platforms have grown by more than 50 percent in the last year, and the number is still growing. It’s safe to say that streaming media is the next generation of watching TV.

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19 November, 2020

Bert Offers

Senior Sales Director at Interra Systems

Large increase in Ad spending for TV/OTT Providers

Recently I read a report issued by Pixalate on the " STATE OF CONNECTED TV/OTT: AD SUPPLY TRENDS REPORT, Q3 2020". Pixalate's data science and analyst team analyzed programmatic advertising activity across over 300 million connected TV/OTT devices to compile this research. The results are from October 1 2019 through September 30, 2020...

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12 November, 2020

Charu Puri

Global Marketing Communications Professional

Why Media Quality Assurance Matters Now, More Than Ever

Consumer Expectations for Exceptional Quality on Every Screen is Driving the Need for Intelligent Video Insights

Consumers today are watching more video than they ever have before. Research shows that more than 310 million connected households will have at least one OTT service by 2024, according to Parks Associates, validating that today’s consumers enjoy watching content anytime, anywhere and on any screen...

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08 October, 2020

Bert Offers

Senior Sales Director at Interra Systems

Streaming Media Event Take Aways

During these COVID times, there are a lot of online events and webinars to participate in. I find a person can learn alot about their industry, viewpoints and perspectives of experts and peers...

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05 August, 2020

Praney Mahajan

Customer-Focussed, Forward-Thinking, Goal-Oriented Technical Sales Professional | Digital Media Products

How We Kept Video Services Running Flawlessly During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 global health pandemic hit, many operators in the broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and post-production markets were not prepared. They didn’t have remote operations and workflow strategy set up in advance. Once lockdown and work from home scenarios became the new norm, establishing, managing, and working with such remote scenarios was a major challenge...

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