Interra Systems’ AI/ML-based Services

Interra Systems provides AI/ML-based services to broadcasters and OTT service providers in the media and QC domain. Our technical expertise and deep insight into media formats and workflows, coupled with genuine customer-centric commitment, allows us to provide tailored AI/ML technologies that enable automation for extensive and accurate content management.

AI/ML engines enable broadcasters and service providers to operate faster and more efficiently, bringing increased consistency and reliability to certain media tasks, such as metadata generation, compliance, classification, content categorization and more. Our AI/ML services allow broadcasters and OTT service providers to take advantage of automation for the following tasks, which can be tailored to the unique needs of media companies:

  • Detection of violence and explicit scenes
  • Face detection
  • Detection of logos, brands or objects within content
  • Automatic text detection
  • Automatic recognition of language
  • Identification of key elements in content in accordance with regulations in different countries, regions, and organizations

Interra Systems offers custom development services for innovative AI/ML solutions to extend and surpass existing technologies. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to helping media companies around the world reach wider audiences, efficiently process large volumes of content, and deliver immersive experiences.

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