Video compression technologies make it possible to bring high quality pictures at relatively low bit rates. Compression standards use different methods and algorithms to reduce the number of bits required to deliver video. These standards are inherently complex and constantly evolving. Media professionals involved in encoder R&D, QA, video headends etc. need to verify compliance of the video against the compression standard.

VEGA Media Analyzer

In-depth analysis for utmost visibility

VEGA decodes each and every video frame to provide deep insight into the compressed stream; from high-level structural information down to individual bits in a macro block. Analysis is presented for stream, sequence and access unit levels and includes key attributes in a graphical manner to help encoder developers browse through the statistical information of the stream.

Video comparison utility allows the user to compare output of two encoded streams and provides statistics such as file size, bits used, resolution, frame rate etc. These tools make it possible to enhance compression efficiency and quality of the media content.

Comprehensive error reports, format support

VEGA analyzer generates error reports that provide relevant information to the user such as type of error, location of the error and the associated standards violation. These reports can be used to fix encoding errors or in troubleshooting video related error in transmission.

VEGA analysis platform supports a variety of compression standards and formats used in the DTV and streaming media industries. These include MPEG-2, JPEG, H.264, HEVC/H.265, VP8, VP9, MPEG-DASH etc. VEGA facilitates fast investigation, compliance testing, troubleshooting and verification of media content.

VEGA Encoder

VEGA analysis solution highlights:

  • Comprehensive format support: HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8, VC1, MPEG-2, MPEG-DASH
  • Cost-effective, PC-based software with multicore support
  • Value-added tools such as video comparison, quality checks, and buffer analysis
  • Encoding comparison, encoding regression tests, STB compatibility

VEGA is designed to help media professionals debug compressed stream for motion vectors, coded bits, interpolation, deblocking data etc. Developers can easily browse through the prediction process, reference picture data, DPB and CABAC decoding stages. These features help towards reducing R&D and QA time.


HEVC has gained tremendous momentum in the DTV and media industries for its capability to improve compression efficiency by 50% compared to the incumbent compression standard H.264. HEVC has made a significant impact already in several markets including broadcast, VOD, Adaptive bit rate streaming, and surveillance. There is a general consensus among technology leaders that HEVC is the key to delivering 4K resolution video to TV and mobile devices.

Need state-of-the-art analyzer to unravel the complexity of HEVC video

Video compression standards are known for their complexity and HEVC extends that complexity even further by introducing more advanced and sophisticated tools as compared to H.264. Professionals involved in HEVC content encoding or distributing need a reliable HEVC stream's analyzer for troubleshooting and gauging compression efficiency. This is especially true when the compression standard is new or evolving as it takes time before these products reach production-proven status. What may seem to be a small encoding or compliance error can end up creating major interoperability issues.

VEGA media is a state-of-the-art analyzer for debug, standards compliance and quality assurance of encoded streams. It includes complete parsing, decoding and frame-by-frame navigation to provide deep insight into every aspect of an encoded stream. VEGA generates elaborated error reports that pinpoint exactly where and what types of errors are present so that the user can take corrective actions to fix the problems.

Ensure not just standards compliance but also superior video quality

Video quality is a critical determinant of the overall quality of experience. Viewers will expect 4K videos to be nothing less than spectacular. To measure the image quality, some commonly used measures are Mean-Squared Error, Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio and structural similarity. VEGA YUV Quality viewer measures these parameters at stream and frame level to allow users to quickly identify the quality issues.

Enhancing Product Qualtiy Screen

There can be vast changes in the video quality with changes in encoding parameters. Achieving high compression by maintaining high video quality is always a challenge. VEGA Comparison viewer allows developers to identify the quality issues present in the stream. VEGA HEVC includes quality parameters such as blockiness, blurriness, black frames, pixelation and contrast.

Troubleshooting Encoding Parameters

When tweaking the encoder for compression and quality, you need access to every parameter that could possibly affect the video quality. VEGA Comparison viewer compares the high level elements and also provides in-depth comparison of a large number of elements and parameters such as compression ratio, buffer occupancy, QP, frame size and motion vectors.

VEGA Media’s feature set also allows for comparison between two HEVC files, HEVC vs. VP9, or HEVC vs. H.264. In the initial stages of HEVC product rollout, this feature can be very useful in assessing the compression efficiency of the encoder.

Debug Quality of Media Content

Interra Systems' VEGA is an industry leading media analysis platform for debug and verification of standards compliance. VEGA is an in-depth, PC-based software for off-line analysis of HEVC elementary streams. VEGA supports all resolutions, including 8K and includes various high-efficiency utilities for video comparison, quality checks and fast analysis. VEGA analyzers have helped encoder manufacturers, broadcasters and video service providers across the globe, create and distribute error-free, high quality video.

Quality Analysis Workflow

Quality Analysis Workflow