VEGA CLI – In-depth Command-line Analysis of Media Streams over Cloud

VEGA CLI is the most in-depth and reliable command-line media analyzer that debugs media streams on Linux platform. It assures standard compliance and interoperability with navigation down to the deepest levels of an encoded stream. The cloud-based solution leverages Interra Systems' industry proven quality checks to help its users create high quality media streams.

It is a debug platform for all types of media streams encoded using various standard compression formats. The analyzer is an ideal choice for media professionals from industries such as semiconductor, SoC providers, encoder manufacturers, smart devices, HD video communications, OTT and streaming media.


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Features & Benefits

  • VEGA CLI Features:
  • Supports main and buffer analysis of media streams
  • Performs batch analysis
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of multiple streams in one go
  • Detailed reporting of the analysis in minutes
  • Supports ABR analysis:
    • Segment boundary alignment checks
    • Video Frame structure alignment checks
    • Manifest Mismatch checks
    • Video duration mismatch checks
    • Overflow/Underflow checks for segment bitrate
    • Video quality checks
  • Provides XML report for all the parsing and decoding based conformance checks:
    • Conformance checks for SPS, PPS, VPS, SEI
    • Conformance checks for Slice Header and Slice Data parsing
    • Conformance checks for the decoding process
    • Profile and Level based conformance checks
  • Supported Formats
  • Elementary Video Streams - HEVC, H264, AV1, VP9
  • Elementary Audio Streams - AAC
  • Container Formats - MP4, Quick Time, Transport, TR101-290 checks
  • ABR Streams - HLS, CMAF constraints, MPEG-DASH
  • For Buffer Analysis - HEVC, H264, AV1 video streams


Contact VEGA Support

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Remote Access & Support

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