• ORION Central Manager

OCM | Centralized Management of Monitoring Probes

ORION Central Manager (OCM) provides enterprise-wide visibility by enabling central management of multiple ORION Linear, ORION-OTT, EPM and OPM setups present at the same or diverse geographic locations. Interra Systems’ OCM is the only comprehensive web-based enterprise level solution that centrally monitors the health of probes, collects monitoring data from probes, and provides global alert summary across probes to operators for both broadcast and OTT services.

Based on a distributed architecture, where probes can be deployed at multiple points in the workflow, including the origin server, CDN, or at the edge, OCM increases flexibility and ensures efficient bandwidth management for operators by providing the most accurate depiction of quality of experience (QoE monitoring) and quality of service (QoS monitoring).

As content is routed through many systems such as encoders, transcoders, origin servers, and CDNs, OCM helps in error isolation and correlation by aggregating alerts from multiple Linear, OTT, EPM and OPM probes in a broadcast workflow at a single location. OCM is able to provide alerts, along with video and audio quality tracking and scoring at any point, for any content.

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Orion Central Manager

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time status of all channels across the network
    • Provides a real-time view of linear and OTT services, enabling you to adopt a proactive approach to service monitoring and improve the quality of your OTT offerings
  • Channel Mosaic View with live thumbnails for confidence monitoring
    • Live thumbnail view with penalty box monitoring
  • Geo-map based monitoring views
    • Provides bird’s-eye view in the form of realistic geographical maps
  • Historical reports and diagnostics
    • Provides rich visual trending with meaningful insights
    • Exportable Reports for Channel Performance and Alert trending' report in .xlsx format
    • Daily and Monthly Channel Availability and Quality Reports with detailed Outage analytics
    • Schedule tasks to export various reports
    • Bookmark reports for easy access
    • Acknowledge alerts by adding comments, resolution, root cause
  • Comprehensive centralized Probe management
    • Centralized management of all the probes being monitored
  • Supports Linux OS
    • Seamlessly deploys in both, on-premises and cloud setups
  • Dark and Light theme based UI for better user experience


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