VEGA Vista | In-depth Analysis of Transport Streams

VEGA Vista is a software-based command line interface for quality assurance of transport streams. VEGA Vista enables broadcasters and video equipment providers to verify MPEG-2 transport streams against the MPEG standard. It can be used at various points in the workflow to check the compressed video for quality, compliance and interoperability.

Running as a docker-based application in the cloud or on-premise, VEGA Vista seamlessly analyzes transport streams in a virtual environment. The configurable command-line interface makes the application interactive to define checks and customize profiles and generate comprehensive reports in minutes. In addition, the analyzer is capable of checking for buffer underflow or overflow conditions, which can cause transmission issues, speeding up content validation tasks and increasing workflow efficiency.

VEGA Vista

Supported Formats

  • Transport Streams: ATSC, DVB, MPEG, and CABLE LAB 3.0 Checks
  • Elementary Streams:
    • Video elementary streams: HEVC, H264, MPEG2
    • Audio elementary streams: AAC, AC3, EAC3
  • Others:
    • Closed Captions: CEA708, CEA608, SCTE20
    • SCTE35

VEGA Vista Features

  • Cloud-enabled technology for running VEGA Vista in a virtual environment
  • Efficient and high-performance tool for fast and accurate output
  • Capable of analyzing large content in few minutes
  • Extraction of elementary streams through command line for quick analysis of high-level data of video streams
  • Checks the transport streams against user-defined configuration profiles
  • Performs batch analysis of media streams resulting in high-quality media delivery
  • Detailed reporting of the analysis with all conformance violations
  • Supports analysis based on maximum error limit and number of TS packets
  • Supports Cable lab 3.0 checks along with the elementary header level checks
  • Support buffer analysis of T-STD model
  • View comprehensive reports in XML and HTML formats for:
    • PID summary
    • Multiplex summary
    • PID properties
    • Stream summary
    • Transport errors summary

Trial Version of VEGA - Vista

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