Video compression is crucial in modern media streaming, impacting both content quality and data transmission efficiency. One of the latest advancements in this field is the AV1 video compression format. As more content creators and distributors adopt AV1, the need for precise analysis of this format has grown significantly. Interra Systems’ VEGA AV1 Analyzer addresses this need, offering a vital tool for developers, engineers, and industry professionals to understand the complexities of AV1-encoded content.

AV1 Analyzer

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Key Features & Highlights

This article explores the key features of Interra Systems’ AV1 Analyzer, its capabilities in decoding the AV1 codec, and its importance for those seeking optimal video compression solutions.

Debugging Platform

Provides frame-by-frame analysis from high level to block level, presented graphically.

Conformance Violations

Identifies violations at all levels for precise media analysis.

Detailed Syntax Analysis

Offers an in-depth examination of syntax elements.

Decoder Analysis

Includes detailed display of DPB and reference picture frames.

T-STD and CPB Models

Supports these models for thorough analysis and reporting.

PCR Analysis

Evaluates Program Clock Reference.     

PTS/DTS Analysis

Analyzes Presentation Time Stamps and Decoding Time Stamps.

Video Quality Metrics

Assesses video quality using metrics like PSNR, RMSE, and SSIM.

Comprehensive Checks

Supports various checks, including ABR audio/video checks, CMAF checks, ATSC 3.0 checks, TS Conformance checks, and more.

Raw Data View

Features a hex viewer and a hierarchical display of syntax elements in the bitstream.

Headers Display

Shows VPS, SPS, PPS, and Slice headers with offsets and bit size indication.