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BATON - Enterprise-class Automated File-based QC
BATON Captions - Automating Captioning Workflows
BATON LipSync - Automatic Audio-Video Sync Detection
OCM - Centralized Management of Monitoring Probes
ORION-OTT - Quality Assurance of ABR Streams
ORION - 24x7 Confidence Monitoring of Linear/IP Video
ORION 2110 Probe - Simplify IP Monitoring
VEGA - In-depth Media Analysis for Content Debug & Compliance


MPTS 2023

Interra Systems is a global provider of enterprise-class solutions that streamline the classification, quality control (QC) process, and monitoring of media content across the entire creation and distribution chain. The company’s industry-leading solutions include BATON, an enterprise-class automated file-based QC system that ensures high quality content at every stage; ORION-OTT for quality assurance of ABR streams, allowing flawless delivery of live and VOD content; ORION for 24x7 Confidence Monitoring of Linear/IP Video delivery; ORION 2110 Probe for IP-based media workflows; VEGA for in-depth media analysis, offering content debug & compliance; and BMP, a powerful industry grade media player.

At MPTS 2023, Interra is showcasing its next generation of products and enhancements. Please visit us at Booth# D32, May 10–11, 2023, Olympia London