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    Baton is an industry leading Enterprise Class, Automated File-based QC Software solution.

    Baton has been deployed in production use by global media companies all over the world. Major Broadcasters, Post production houses, IPTV, Satellite and Archiving companies trust Baton QC based on the following advantages:

    • Most Comprehensive Quality Checks - Complete and accurate checks for compliance to formats, media regulations, and a wide-variety of content quality requirements
    • Enterprise-Wide Scalability - Efficient content verification. Deployment scalability across multi-stages on multi-platforms for multi-markets. Integration ready with high availability
    • Integration with leading technology partners
  • White Papers

    Download White PaperFile-based QC – Delivering Content with Confidence
    QC for analog or baseband content was straightforward. The number of checks was limited to a few, such as Signal level and Color Gamut. more
    Download White PaperPaper Presentation at NAB 2012: Loudness Measurement and Control
    Sudden changes in loudness because of loud commercials and variations in loudness levels between programs have been a major source of nuisance for the consumers. more
    Download White PaperThe Anatomy of a Good QC Solution
    As the media transitions from tape-based analog to file-based digital content, the existing workflows and operational methods of media companies will need to be updated. more
    Download White PaperIs Your Content Hazardous? Content Conformance to Legal and Regulatory Requirements
    Media consumers have become increasingly discerning about the quality of content they consume its impact on the human senses. more
    Download White PaperFile-based Media Content – QC is Business Critical and Not an Option
    As the media transitions from tape-based to file-based digital content, the existing workflows and operational methods of media companies will need to be updated. more
    Download White Paper Improve Workflow Efficiency with Automated QC throughout the Content Lifecycle
    The migration of media content from tape-based analog to file-based digital media creates
    opportunities to improve operational efficiencies across the content lifecycle. more
    Download White PaperContent Readiness - Ensuring Content Quality across Content Lifecycle
    With file based workflows, the content lifecycle has become much more complex and demanding.
    Download White PaperBaton Case Study - EuroTek - OBU (Irish Parliament)
    The requests to make rich media content available anytime, anyplace and in any format continues to push organizations worldwide to implement automation into their digital media workflows. more
    Download White Paper Joint White paper by Interra & Signiant
    As media content shifts from a tape-based to a file-based workflow, the status quo of content lifecycle becomes disrupted. The disruption spans two dimensions - faster lifecycle and new transformation activities. more
    Download White Paper Video Quality Issues in File-Based Broadcasting
    The media industry is rapidly migrating from tape-based media acquisition and broadcast to
    file-based workflows. more

  • Baton Datasheet

    Download Datasheet Baton™
    Automated File-based QC Software
    Content Readiness – Any Content, Any Stage

    Interra Systems’ Baton is an enterprise class QC solution used by media companies around the world. Major broadcasters, post production houses, IPTV, satellite and archiving companies working with file-based media trust Baton QC based on the following advantages:

    • Complete, accurate checks For compliance to formats, media regulations and a wide variety of content quality requirements, Baton offers the most comprehensive set of checks in the industry.
    • Enterprise-wide scalability Efficient content verification. Deployment scalability across multiple stages on multiple platforms for multiple markets. Integration-ready with high availability.

    File-based digital media maximizes the potential for content monetization and operational efficiencies.

    • As content errors are reduced, customer satisfaction increases. With today's growing list of viewing options, including the big screen, mobile devices, cable & IPTV, automated quality control is a wise investment for many operators as it can save money in the long term.
    • Operational efficiency improves when content is assured ready despite a wide variety of transformations across various stages of the content lifecycle.

    In a file-based workflow, digital media must be verified for Quality Control (QC), extending beyond basic QC to full Enterprise QC. This includes comprehensive quality checks to verify a wide variety of content transformations as well as enterprise scalability to handle any content on any platform without interruptions.


    • Most comprehensive quality checks in the industry
    • Enterprise-wide scalability
      • - Verification efficiency
      • - High Availability
    • Integration with leading technology partners


    Baton Integration

    New Features & Highlights

    • Support for HEVC, Encrypted HLS, ABR
    • Complete support of 4K, IMF
    • Support for JPEG, GIF Image File formats
    • Support for separate Caption/Subtitle files
    • DPP compliance checks
    • Revamped Test Plan interface with Multi-severity checks
    • Enhanced checks for Video Artifacts
    • Enhanced Audio Quality checks
    • Enhanced watermark detection support
    • Tighter integration with Amazon S3, Avid Interplay
    • Audio Loudness and metadata correction
    • Rule-based Smart Folders for content-aware QC
    • Built-in Media Player with SDI playout options for debugging ease
    • Customizable Report templates with Multi-view reports
    • Customizable E-mail alert templates
    • User Management and Access Control

    Baton QC – Maximizes Content Monetization and Improves Operational Efficiencies

    Baton QC – Maximizes Content Monetization and Improves Operational Efficiencies

    Baton Quality Checks − A Sampler

    Container Checks • Content layout • Duration • File size • Audio/Video duration mismatch
    • Compare System to elementary metadata • Timecode checks
    • Teletext • Packet size • Ancillary data • Number of audio/video streams
    Compliance Checks • TR101 290 • ARIB specifications • AS02/AS03 compliance
    • Digital Cinema compliance • AS-11 Compliance / DPP Compliance
    • DPI Compliance • CableLabs VoD compliance
    Video Checks • Frame rate • Bit rate • Frame size • Aspect ratio • Duration
    • Resolution • Video format • Picture scan • AFD • GOP
    • Color format • Color bars • Chroma change • Closed captioning
    • Closed caption dropouts • Blockiness • Blurriness • Freeze frames
    • Black frames • Contrast • Black bars • Color gamut • Brightness
    • Luma/Chroma levels • Pixelation • Telecine/cadence analysis
    • White point • Drop frame • Field order • Stripe error • Motion jerk
    • Combing errors • Video dropout • Image search • Film grain noise
    • Block error • Defective pixels • Field dominance • 3D experience
    • Ofcom-compliant Flash/PSE (Flashy video) • Program rating
    • Subtitles • Shot Transition • Profane word detection • Credits
    Audio Checks • Silence • Clipping • Mute • Test tones • Phase detection
    • Wow & Flutter • Audio distortion • Jitter • Transient noise
    • High frequency noise • Background noise • Audio level (Min, max, avg)
    • Audio dropout • Overmodulation noise • Click and pop
    • Misplaced channels • Level mismatch • Stereo pair detection
    • PPM meter • Nielsen watermark • Cinavia watermark • Dialnorm
    • Loudness compliance (ITU, EBU, CALM Act, OP59) (BS.1770-1, -2, -3)
    • DPLM • EAS Message Detection • Colored Noise

    Baton Formats Support – A Sampler

    Workflows SD, HD, Mixed workflows, 4K
    Media Containers MXF (All OP, OP-Atom), MP4, 3GPP, QuickTime (incl. reference files), MPEG-2 Transport (ATSC,DVB), MPEG-2 Program/DVD VOB/ISO 9660, GXF, LXF, ASF, AVI, Matroska, Apple HLS, MPEG DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISM), AAF
    Video Codecs HEVC/H.265, H.264 (incl. AVC-Intra 100/50, Sony XAVC), MPEG-2 (incl. IMX30/50, XDCAM, D10), DV (25/50/100), VC-1, MJPEG2000, MPEG-4, MVC, Frame sequential H.264, DNxHD (VC-3), Apple ProRES, PhotoJPEG, MPEG-A, MPEG-B, Uncompressed YUV, Uncompressed RGB, Cineform, Canopus HQ and HQX, J2C, DPX, Avid Meridien Compressed JFIF, Apple Intermediate codec
    Audio Codecs AC-3, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby-E, MPEG Audio, MPEG 2.5, MP3, BWF,
    AAC, AAC Plus, AES3, LPCM, ADPCM, AIFF, WAV, WMA (Standard
    & Professional), DV Audio, DTS Audio

    Baton - Salient Features

    High Level Features

    • Web based, Enterprise class solution
    • Efficient verification leveraging available compute power
    • High availability and clustering for 24x7 reliable QC
    • Efficient Partial and Growing file verification
    • Rule-based Smart Folders for content aware QC
    • Intuitive environment to speed up usage, scheduling of tasks and Test Plan setup
    • Audio Loudness and Metadata Correction
    • Web Services API to integrate with Media Servers, Transcoders, MAM, and archiving solutions

    Verification and Reporting Features

    • Compliance to media standards and regulatory requirements
    • Quick Test Plan setup and change management
    • Extraction and verification of parameters and metadata in the content
    • Multi-view reports in HTML, XML, PDF, Excel
    • Reports based on analytics, timeline, content structure and thumbnails
    • Incremental reports of tasks in progress
    • Options to comment, tag, rate and compare reports
    • Quick content profiling without verification
    • Integrated media player for enhanced debugging

    Task Scheduling and Monitoring Features

    • Priority-based task scheduling
    • Load balancing for efficient system usage

    Automation of Post Verification Actions

    • Email, TCP, UDP, HTTP and SNMP alerts
    • Ability to move files to playout or quarantine

    Enhanced Debugging

    Baton - Enhanced Debugging

    Baton - Industry Leading Solution used by Top-Tier Customers
    Backed by Interra's Acclaimed Pre & Post Sales Support
    • * With Dolby certified AC-3, DD Plus, Dolby-E analysis
    • * Available for Windows and Mac platforms
    • * Baton™ is a registered trademark of Interra Systems, Inc.


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