A Scalable, Enterprise-class, Automated File-based QC Solution

Interra Systems' Baton® is the leading enterprise-class QC solution used by global telcos, broadcasters, post production houses, IPTV and archiving companies working with file-based content.
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Real-time Content Monitoring for HEVC 4K

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The Software-based Over-The-Top Monitoring Solution

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In-Depth Audio Video Analzyers for Debug, Standards Compliance, and Interoperability

Vega™ is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams.

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About Us

Interra Systems provides software-based content verification, monitoring, and analysis solutions for file-based and real-time workflows in the digital media industry. The company's solutions include BATON®, a market-leading, enterprise-class QC solution that automatically ensures media content readiness; ORION™, a real-time content monitoring solution that enables the delivery of error-free, superior quality video; ORION™-OTT, a software-based OTT monitoring solution for ABR content; and VEGA™, a family of audio/video...
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Customer Speak

  • Christian Roy Vice President , Network, Bell TV

    Baton QC software allows us to effectively manage the quality of on-demand TV content while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction with our fast-growing Bell Fibe IPTV service.

  • Ken Brady Senior Vice President, Media Technology and Operations at Turner Broadcasting

    Turner Studios processes a tremendous number of promotions and full length programming in support of Turner Entertainment and Turner Sports. As we continue to move away from traditional tape based mastering, Baton has become an integral part of our automated delivery workflows for broadcast and non-linear platforms.

  • Paul Haskell Vice President, Video & Algorithm Technology at Harmonic

    Harmonic has been using Interra’s Vega H264 and MPEG suite of products in its R&D and QA groups for a long time. We have come to rely on Vega products for their consistent, accurate and in-depth analysis for a variety of encoded media. Interra’s Vega HEVC analyzer will enable us to quickly verify standards compliance and deliver high quality HEVC video encoders to our customers.

  • Thomas Kramer Vice President, Product Management, Rovi

    To assist in the rapid release of our HEVC encoding and decoding solutions, we selected Interra’s Vega HEVC Analyzer as our debug and analysis platform. We believe Vega HEVC will also play an important role in enabling the broader market to accurately test DivX HEVC streams and compatibility.

  • Don Hertz Manager, Video Operations, Sportsman Channel

    Content quality becomes very important to continue to grow our distribution and viewership. Adopting a file-based QC solution was a natural progression in this direction. Interra's Baton offers us the best automated, file-based QC to handle our diverse content.

  • Venicio Vaz Technology Support Coordinator, Globosat

    Baton has helped us by providing the tools that we need to quickly identify issues in our workflows, but most importantly, it’s the best support that we’ve ever seen. The great experience with the support team began at the time of installation, and since then Interra Systems have been answering our questions about how to properly use the tools that Baton offers.