ORION®-OTT | Edge Performance Monitor

Measuring the Quality of Experience (or QoE monitoring) on client devices is an important component of the entire monitoring workflow. QoE provides useful information about real user experience on client devices and provides insights on data consumption trends. However, QoE issues observed on client devices can be isolated and their root cause can be ascertained only when this information is correlated with the monitoring data available upstream at Origin Server or CDN level.

ORION-OTT Edge Performance Monitor (ORION-OTT EPM) is a passive monitoring probe that can be used to monitor service performance on end-devices to understand recurrent issues and their causes. It integrates with NPAW’s YOUBORA to collect and extract vital video performance metrics such as startup time, buffering ratio, number of stalls, play failures etc. across real user sessions. The collected metrics are analyzed to isolate performance issues across various dimensions such as CDNs, ISPs, Country, City, Video titles etc. and drilled down to the root cause of performance issues.

Edge Performance Monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Monitors QoS & QoE to understand recurrent issues, their causes and the impact of anomalies on your customer base in real time
  • Analytics & business intelligence; Collect user data, derive data consumption trends
  • Monitors real client user experience: Startup time, buffering ratio, number of stalls, play failures
  • Data collected from the end-devices can be correlated with active monitoring results using Orion Central Manager (OCM)


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