Headend Monitoring Solutions

Video service providers today face many challenges - an ever-increasing volume of programs, complex video processing equipment, changing standards and formats, and multi-platform support - among others. Also, with improvements in video compression technologies and sophisticated viewership, video quality has become a key differentiator. For enterprise level monitoring, there are other considerations such as how well does the monitoring solution scale to accommodate growth opportunities and how cost-effective it is. To effectively address these challenges and to assure optimal QoE (Quality of Experience), headends need a sophisticated, comprehensive and economically optimal monitoring solution.
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ORION is a reliable, 24x7 software platform, specifically designed for video headend monitoring. ORION’s thorough monitoring provides insight into each and every program, including where and what problems are present, so that corrective actions can be taken to minimize disruptions.

ORION's solution for headend monitoring include:
  • Advanced video and audio quality checks
  • HEVC 4K monitoring along with QoE
  • Closed Captions, CALM compliance
  • Ad Insertion/SCTE-35
  • Central manager for network status aggregation, view and control

Orion Central Manager

Headend monitoring with ORION

Advanced QoE monitoring

ORION employs Interra Systems industry-proven audio and video quality checks to assess the QoE of a video stream. ORION decodes hundreds of programs simultaneously to check for macroblocking, frozen video, audio levels, silence etc. to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of QoE.

Software-defined monitoring solution

ORION offers operators the flexibility to run monitoring solution on their IT-approved hardware platform. This software-defined approach can be further exploited to deploy monitoring in a virtual environment for operational scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

ORION is an advanced, real time content monitor for VSPs, broadcasters, telco, and end-to-end video system providers. Its web-based architecture allows remote monitoring through any browser-enabled device providing visibility and status for ORION monitors deployed along the entire network. ORION monitors all aspects of video programs - errors, compliance, and quality for all popular industry standards, including HEVC and SCTE-35. With ORION, users are assured best-in-class error detection, video quality analysis, alerts, and reporting.

Headend Monitoring

Virtualized monitoring with ORION