ORION®-OTT | Content Monitor

ORION-OTT monitors ABR content, both VoD and Live, using user-defined automated / manual schedules. It checks for inconsistencies pertaining to ABR package compliance, manifest / playlist syntax, download errors, content quality and more. It can also be used for origin server load testing.

The intuitive user interface of ORION-OTT presents the monitoring results of assets in an effective manner. You can drill down the monitoring runs to identify the most important issues, their location and occurrence(s) in an asset, along with more contextual information for debugging the issues. The web-based interface of ORION-OTT allows remote monitoring through any browser-enabled device giving users a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool at their fingertips.

OTT Content Monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Package Integrity and ABR compliance
    • URL validation, Manifest validation
    • ABR Compliance
      • Start time and duration consistency across segments
      • Segment metadata mismatch
      • First frame should be a Key Frame and more...
  • Encryption
    • Supports AES-128, CENC, CETS, PIFF, SAMPLE-AES, Apple FairPlay (HLS)
    • DRMs – Widevine, PlayReady, Irdeto, Verimatrix, BuyDRM, Atlas, Content Key mapping for other DRMs
  • Monitoring Content Quality (QoE)
    • Video Quality (Blockiness, Black frames, Freeze frames, Bocky Distortion, Video MOS Scores)
    • Audio Quality (Loudness (CALM, ITU, EBU), Audio Level, Silence, True Peak, Audio Clipping, Audio loudness-Dialnorm Mismatch, Audio MOS Scores)
    • Conformance checking
    • Closed Caption/Subtitle Checks
  • In-depth monitoring of Live and VOD OTT services
  • Ad-insertion monitoring
  • Service Availability monitoring
  • SCTE-214-1/2/3 and Apple Media Stream Validator Compliance Checks
  • Intuitive Web-based User interface using intuitive dashboard and drill-down graphs
  • Alarms and Triggers for Actions and Debug
    • Provides error categorization according to severity levels – Major, Minor, Critical
    • Provides different alerting mechanisms – E-mail, SNMP; Real-time alarms for quick decision making
    • Triggered and manual recordings for profiles and LIVE content
  • Rich Reports and Trend Analysis
    • Provides graphical representation of content delivery quality
    • Provides drill-down monitoring views for assets and services under test
    • Provides alerts and data analytics for all tests run over last 60 days
    • Global Live Alerts page for LIVE Services
  • REST APIs for third-party integrations


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