WINNOW | Content Classification and Compliance

WINNOW is a powerful software for classifying audio-visual content into semantic concepts. WINNOW uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for identification of key elements in content in accordance with regulations in different countries, regions, and organizations. WINNOW is empowered with advanced classification capabilities to ensure the content is automatically classified using a rule-based framework. WINNOW provides extensive and accurate content management features, which help in improving workflow efficiency.

File-based QC Solution

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Features & Benefits

  • Builds on Interra Systems' expertise in video quality and image processing
  • Powered by AI/ML algorithms implemented using widely adopted TensorFlow framework and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms
  • Focused approach for broadcast workflows
  • Classifies audio-visual content based on explicit scenes, violence etc.
    • Explicit & violent content; Presence of guns, alcohol, drugs, smoking scenes etc.; Strong language in audio
    • Checks content in accordance with regulations of different countries, organizations
  • Extracts application/user-specific data across all files
  • Provides GPU intensive computing for good performance
  • Provides a rich set of API support
  • Allows customization of review workflows
  • Provides intuitive UI to visualize WINNOW reports
  • Integrates with BATON Media Player for analyzing WINNOW Reports
  • Supports cloud and on-premises deployments


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