Closed Captions Monitoring

Closed Captioning technology, specifically developed for the deaf and hard of hearing, allows for a television program to display the audio portion of the program as text on the screen. Video service providers such as broadcasters and multichannel service operators are mandated by the FCC to comply with Closed Captioning rules. FCC requires that the Closed Captions be accurate, synchronous, complete, and properly placed for best viewing experience.

Programming delivered with accurate Closed Captions also contributes towards a better quality of experience for the viewers. However, taking care of this regulatory compliance can be a complex task for video service providers due to the fact that multiple video processing functions such as decode, transcode, multiplex etc. take place in a broadcast facility or video headends. A good monitoring solution needs to address the following to assure compliance for Closed Captions.

  1. Does it have the required feature set to troubleshoot Closed Captioning issues?
  2. Can users customize alarms and reports based on their corporate requirements?
  3. Does it maintain historic data along with thumbnails for proof of compliance?
  4. How well is it likely to respond to new updates in standards and regulations? What would that upgrade path look like?

Interra’s ORION content monitor makes it easy for operators to ensure that Closed Captions integrity is maintained throughout the video delivery chain.

ORION Closed Caption monitoring highlights:
  • Real-time parsing, analysis and display of closed caption data on hundred of programs simultaneously
  • Alarms generation and video capture for Closed Captions violations
  • Real-time decode and display of video with Closed Captions text
  • Comprehensive error reports for troubleshooting
  • Logging of historical Closed Captions data along with thumbnails and text for verification and audit

ORION Closed Caption monitoring highlights

ORION is an advanced, real time content monitor for VSPs, broadcasters, telco, and end-to-end video system providers. Its web-based architecture allows remote monitoring through any browser-enabled device providing visibility and status for ORION monitors deployed along the entire network. ORION monitors all aspects of video programs - errors, compliance, and quality for all popular industry standards, including H.264, HEVC and SCTE-35. With ORION, users are assured best-in-class error detection, video quality analysis, alerts, reporting, and compliance logging.

Closed-Captions Monitoring