Interra Systems Vega AVSync Product Validated Against Sarnoff Visualizer Digital Video Test Pattern

Interra's Industry Leading Media Analyzer Vega AVSyncTM Successfully Tested Against Sarnoff's Industry Benchmark Digital Video Test Pattern

CUPERTINO, Calif. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - April 10, 2010
Interra Systems, Inc, the industry leader in media analyzers with its Vega family of products, today announced that its Vega AVSync product has been optimized and successfully validated against Sarnoff's Visualizer Test Pattern which provides visual verification of digital video quality.

Interra's Vega AVSync enables media professionals to perform synchronization measurements and identify all out-of-sync points in the content. For each sync point, media professionals can examine information such as the packet number, frame number, PTS value, and more. Vega AVSync is based on the debug platform of Interra's industry-leading Vega Media Analyzers.

Users of the Visualizer and other third party test patterns will be able to choose a particular region in their test pattern as their 'flash' frame to measure, display, and analyze the accuracy of synchronization between video and audio data in an MPEG transport stream.

"Maintaining accurate audio-video synchronization is a critical yet challenging component of any Digital broadcast system. With the increased traction of Vega AVSync among broadcasters, IPTV and video codec developers, this validation of mutual products will go a long way towards fulfilling the needs of our customers," said Anupama Anantharaman, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Interra Systems.

"We are glad to have Interra Systems authenticate and ensure interoperability of their Vega AVSync product with Sarnoff's Visualizer Digital Video Test Pattern. It is always gratifying when test and measurement industry colleagues collaborate to validate each other's products," said Jerry Berger, VP, Broadcast and Bit streams, Sarnoff Corporation.

About Interra Systems
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra's Digital Media solutions are led by Baton, an automated verification system which ensures media content readiness, and by Vega, a family of Audio/Video analyzers which accelerate media product development. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

About Sarnoff
Sarnoff Corporation ( delivers vision, video and semiconductor technology innovations that empower government and commercial clients to see/sense, understand and control complex environments. Founded in 1942 as RCA Laboratories, Sarnoff makes continuous breakthroughs in real-time video processing for defense, security and surveillance; ICs, lasers, imaging and sensing devices; end-to-end video solutions. Sarnoff is a subsidiary of SRI International.

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