Interra Systems at NAB 2013 - Re-defining Enterprise-Class Content QC and Monitoring!

Cupertino, California, April 01, 2013

Content QC and Monitoring gets more exciting at NAB 2013, Las Vegas, with Interra’s industry-leading, enterprise-class solutions: Baton, automated file–based QC, Orion, real-time content monitoring, and Vega HEVC. Demos are scheduled at Booth SL 8006, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 8 – 11, 2013.

Baton, deployed at over 300 customer locations world-wide, comes to NAB with more enterprise readiness and high performance for enabling multi-site, enterprise-wide QC automation. Enhanced spot analysis with various check filters enables quick decision on quality of high volume, long-form content. New multi-view reports with timeline, graphs, and error aggregation features improve operational efficiencies. Baton’s list of quality checks have expanded significantly to include - 3D experience, motion jerk, profane words, audio drop outs, Nielson watermarks, and more. Media delivery format support in Baton continues to lead the industry with the inclusion of MPEG DASH and several streaming formats. Baton’s debug environment now offers greater collaboration in managing content QC through user reviews, content rating and comments via Baton reports. With these and several more features, Baton demos at NAB are geared up for excitement.

Orion provides an edge as the only Enterprise-class software solution that offers comprehensive real-time content monitoring on a single platform. Orion’s monitoring can be scaled from single monitoring units to multiple units that effortlessly handle high volume, streaming content. Its web-based architecture allows remote monitoring through any browser enabled device providing extreme flexibility and on-the-go decision-making. Orion monitoring delves right from content structure (programs), composition (audio and video, ad insertions) down to content quality and integrity (CALM compliance, blockiness, blurry images, pixelation, etc). Orion assures Video Headends, Broadcasters, Cable Operators, Telco Operators, and end-to-end DTV operators the best-in-class error detection, video quality analysis, alerts, reporting, and trend analysis.

At NAB, Interra continues with its leadership in standards compliance and debugging with Vega HEVC - the only in-depth analyzer for HEVC / H.265 video available today. Vega HEVC is being widely used to test and debug the next-generation products in the DTV industry. Vega HEVC comes with a rich and robust feature list that includes - frame by frame navigation, analytical graphs, H.264 and HEVC / H.265 encoding comparison, powerful reporting, error messages at all structural levels and utilities for buffer analysis. Vega HEVC leverages industry-proven Interra technologies and multi-core processing to deliver efficient, high-performance analysis.

About Interra Systems:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra’s Digital Media solutions are led by Baton®, an Automated File-based QC solution that ensures media Content Readiness, by Vega, a family of Media analyzers for standards compliant media content creation and distribution, and by Orion, real-time content monitoring solution. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

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Anne Hohenberger
Tel: + 1 408 579 2005

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