"Content Readiness - Ensuring Content Quality across Content Lifecycle" Interra presentation at ABE 2010, in Sydney

Sydney, August 3, 2010
At the 2010 Australian Broadcast Exhibition (ABE), Interra Systems presented a paper on Content Readiness - Ensuring Content Quality across Content Lifecycle. The paper covered the need for Content Readiness of media in file-based workflows.

Content quality issues directly impact the operational efficiencies in terms of human productivity, improvement in content throughput, quality, management, and monetization throughout the content lifecycle. In addition, the tight time-to-delivery limits content scrutiny and hence leads to more content quality issues. There is a critical need for automated QC as a multi-point process to ensure not only content quality but content readiness at all stages. Content readiness goes beyond the generally known quality issues to regulatory issues, workflow issues, and others. The resulting content readiness has direct impact on operational efficiencies across the entire content lifecycle. Automated QC is a mainstream requirement today and companies involved in content supply-chain are adopting the QC solutions as a means to improve their content quality as well as to improve their operational efficiencies.

The paper was presented by Shailesh Kumar, who is involved in the development of industry leading Baton. Baton is an automated content verification / QC solution that is deployed is leading studios, post production houses, and broadcast facilities in Hollywood, Europe, and Japan.

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