Interra's Baton® QC Delivers Expanded Efficiencies Leveraging Omneon Workflow Solutions

CUPERTINO, Calif. - (Business Wire), August 24, 2010
Interra Systems, Inc, the industry leader in QC or Automated Content Verification with its Baton® product, today announced the expansion of its Baton integration with the Omneon platform. Baton leverages the Omneon Media Application Server's rule-based workflow management to enable content-appropriate QC. In addition, Batons leverage the Omneon multi-core MediaGrid for faster QC to deliver expanded operational efficiencies.

The Omneon Media Application Server supports rules-based workflow management to map various content files to automated workflow actions. The rules-based detection of new content and relevant workflow actions eliminates the need to manage pre-determined watch folders or coding of API based workflow actions. Interra Systems Baton can now subscribe to job requests from the server, execute the requested test plan against the files, and return the result to be stored with the clip. Pass/fail information can be used to trigger subsequent workflow steps such as Transcoding or user notification.

The recent introduction of the quad-core-based MediaServer 2124 to the MediaGrid product line made it possible for Interra Systems to quadruple the number of simultaneous QC processes that can run on a grid node. In addition to the expanded concurrent jobs, each job finishes sooner due to the improved performance of the processors compared to MediaGrid systems based on single-core chips.

Interra's Baton is the industry's leading QC or Automated Content Verification system that ensures content readiness in file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. Baton is used in production by leading Broadcasters, Post-production houses, and Studios. Baton Content Readiness solution goes beyond the traditional QC with its ability to handle maximum formats, most complete quality checks, fastest verification, and integration with servers/software in all workflows across content lifecycle.

Baton is architected for seamless scalability in functionality, performance, and integration in order to ensure content readiness of any content at any stage of content lifecycle. For integration, Baton's architecture supports Watch folder, API, or Rule based workflows. Baton leverages Omneon's rule-based workflows to detect any new content and apply content-relevant test-plans for content-appropriate QC. Baton is also architected to optimize its QC performance using multiple parallel verification tasks across all the available cores and servers. Baton is also scalable to additional servers and cores to facilitate a distributed, High-Availability environment.

"With the expansion of media supply-chain, increase in content diversity, file sizes and content volume, there is a need for an independent, scalable QC solution such as Baton to ensure content readiness. Baton integration with Omneon's workflow automation and multi-core processing further expands the efficiency potential for our mutual customers," said Krishna Uppuluri, VP Marketing at Interra Systems.

"As media professionals adopt file-based workflows, they quickly realize that quality control of those files is an absolute must," says David Frederick, Senior Director of Developer Marketing at Omneon. "Interra Systems was the first to leverage the MediaGrid to provide high-performance QC using grid processing. The multi-core enhancement combined with support for the Media Application Server represents a tremendous step forward in workflow optimization and productivity for our customers."

About Omneon
Omneon is a leading provider of flexible media server and active storage systems that optimize workflow productivity and on-air reliability for the production, distribution, and management of digital media. Omneon is a pioneer in the use of advanced IT technologies and open systems for broadcast applications, producing a modular and expandable video server architecture in the Omneon Spectrum. The company's MediaGrid active storage system delivers centralized content storage that is scalable in capacity, bandwidth, and media-processing power. The company has an extensive global presence with customers in 45 countries on six continents. Omneon is on the Web at

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Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra's Digital Media solutions are led by Baton, an automated verification system which ensures media content readiness, and by Vega, a family of Audio/Video analyzers which accelerate media product development. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

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