Interra's Vega H264/SVC Analyzer for Advanced Media Codec Development Selected by Freescale Semiconductor

CUPERTINO, CA - February 10, 2011
Interra Systems, Inc., the leading provider of Audio-Video Debug and Analysis Platform, today announced that Freescale Semiconductor, a leading embedded semiconductor systems provider, had developed its implementation of H.264/SVC using Interra's Vega Analyzer. Freescale is a long time user of Vega for developing media codecs supporting a number of video formats and was one of the driving forces behind the development of Scalable Video Coding analyzer.

SVC (Scalable Video Encoding) standardizes the encoding of a bit stream that can contain multiple bit streams, each with different characteristics. With SVC, a video that is encoded just once can be used by a variety of clients by reconstructing it to suit their specific application.

Interra's SVC analyzer enables engineers to navigate down to the deepest levels of an encoded stream along with a complete summary, analysis and debug information. This significantly reduces the R&D and QA time and effort in delivering a standards compliant SVC codec. Some of the key features of Interra's SVC analyzer include frame-by-frame and block-by-block analysis, motion vector display, frame statistics, and thumbnail display of all layers.

"The rapid evolution of media standards and the complexities of implementing those media standards require customers to rely on industry standard analysis tools such as Vega to meet their Time-to-Market goals," said Ashish Basu, VP of Sales & Business Development at Interra. "Interra's partnership with Freescale involved an active collaboration to ensure production-proven solutions for Freescale and cutting-edge features added to Vega SVC analyzer."

"We chose Interra's Vega H264 analyzer for its in-depth comprehensive video analysis features, ease of use, and excellent customer support. As we continue to expand our offerings, we are pleased to leverage Vega analysis software to streamline and optimize our development and QA processes," said John Dixon, Processor Portfolio Marketing Manager at Freescale Semiconductor.

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