Interra Systems' Baton Auto QC Product Achieves DPP/AMWA Certification

CUPERTINO, California - March 19, 2015

Interra Systems, the leading provider of software tools and solutions for media analysis, quality control and monitoring, announced that its Baton solution is the first Auto QC tool (AQC) to achieve the AMWA certification in the “File Analyzer” category of new DPP (Digital Production Partnership) Compliance Programme.  Baton Version 6.0.2, certified by DPP/AMWA, provides a broad range of enterprise-class features, and can now be used by production companies to deliver Compliant files when accompanied with a valid Baton QC report in either PDF or XML format.

DPP is a non-profit initiative led by several UK public broadcasters, targeting easy distribution of digital content along with sharing of information and best practices among broadcasters. The Advanced Media Workflow Association, Inc. (AMWA) focuses on file-based workflows to benefit content creators including film, television, advertising, internet and post-production professionals. After the File-Reader and File-writer Compliance programme, DPP rolled out the Auto QC Certification programme, closely working with AMWA to promote interoperability between products used in the delivery of AS-11 DPP format MXF files. This is expected to vastly improve the content delivery process by production companies to broadcasters.

The Baton QC solution is an automated content verification system for file-based SD, HD, UHD and mixed workflows. The latest version of the Baton solution adds several new features and metadata checking for analysis of DPP AS-11 MXF files ensuring complete compliance with the AS-11 DPP standard. As part of the certification process, Baton underwent two stages of compliance testing that included MXF format/metadata checking and Descriptive Metadata (DM) Validation tests. Baton now comes with a builtin DPP testplan and can be used by post-production companies and broadcasters to easily check for compliance of their content with the DPP standard before delivering their files. Broadcasters can now be sure of the quality of content received, when it is accompanied with the Baton QC report.

In addition to metadata/DM based checks required for the DPP Compliance programme, Baton has comprehensive support for a broad range of metadata and audio/video baseband quality, compliance and regulatory checks across different formats. This includes checking for EBU R128 based Loudness measurements, PSE compliance testing as per Ofcom guidelines and the most comprehensive checks for video artefacts . New features for Baton 6.0.2 include additional subtitling and closed caption format support, enhanced 4K and HEVC support, better visual checking, multi-language support for QC reports, and multi-severity quality checks, a feature that is unique to Baton.

“The certification of Baton under AMWA as part of the DPP Compliance Programme is of great value to our UK customers,” said Ashish Basu, Vice President of Global Business Development for Interra Systems. “Baton is the first automated file based QC solution to achieve such compliance.  Interra has been leading the support for the evolving standards in the Broadcast Industry. The DPP certification is a fine example of that support.”

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