Interra’s Baton® Delivers Efficient File-based QC for Vision Globale

Cupertino, California, March 21, 2013

Interra Systems, a global leader in Content QC and Monitoring, is pleased to announce that Vision Globale, Canada a leader in Media and Entertainment services, has adopted Baton® as its File-based QC solution. Baton will enable automated QC for Vision Globale’s media services that include post production, VOD, and distribution.

"QC of file-based content is critical for our media services and distribution. The volume of content and the diversity of formats make a comprehensive QC solution really important," said Alain Roy, Director Technologies, at Vision Globale. "Interra's Baton supports our QC requirements for various formats, quality checks, and infrastructure integration. Baton's scalability, support for high availability will prove very useful for our time-sensitive media services," added Alain Roy.

"We are proud to count Vision Globale among our continuously growing global customer base that relies on Baton to ensure automated, file-based QC, which is efficient, consistent, and scalable. We are pleased that Vision Globale has selected Baton as its primary File based QC platform," said Ashish Basu, VP, Global Sales and Business Development, at Interra Systems.

Baton® is the Industry Leading, Enterprise-Class File-based QC solution. More than 300 Broadcasters, Post-Production houses, IPTV, Telemedia, Satellite, and Archiving companies trust Baton QC in production. Baton delivers better formats support, most comprehensive quality checks, more efficient verification and enterprise scalability than any other QC offering available today.

About Vison Globale:
With more than 500 employees, Vision Globale is the most important Canadian-owned company offering services related to the film and television industries. The offer covers the full range of requirements: in studios, camera and lighting rental; post-production; visual effects and 3D animation; production and management of assets for distribution and broadcast through film, television, internet and mobile networks. Through internal growth and business acquisitions, Vision Globale has become a leader in the industry. The offer, unequalled in North America, includes 18 world class soundstages totalling over 225,000 square feet, technologies to support the most ambitious projects and highly skilled talents. Vision Globale has also developed proprietary online transaction and distribution platforms for video on demand (VOD) and digital cinema (DCI) and, in addition, owns property rights on technologies being used for digital image restoration and for 2D conversion into 3D stereoscopic images.

About Interra Systems:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra’s Digital Media solutions are led by Baton®, an Automated File-based QC solution that ensures media Content Readiness, by Vega, a family of Media analyzers for standards compliant media content creation and distribution, and by Orion, real-time content monitoring solution. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

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