BroadcastAsia2016 Exhibitor Preview

Interra Systems — Booth 5L5-01

CUPERTINO, Calif. — May 25, 2016

As operators in the global broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and post-production markets deliver a growing amount of high-quality video content, including UHD/4K, to various screens, the need for reliable, efficient, and scalable quality control (QC) and monitoring solutions becomes ever more critical.

At BroadcastAsia2016, Interra Systems will demonstrate the most comprehensive, integrated, and intuitive QC/monitoring solutions available on the market today. A key highlight will be Interra Systems’ new ORION™ OTT software-based solution for monitoring the integrity of adaptive bitrate (ABR) content and related network performance in an OTT environment.

Key Product Introductions and Demos

BATON® — Automated, File-based QC

At BroadcastAsia2016, Interra Systems will showcase BATON™ 7.0, the latest version of its industry-leading QC solution for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. BATON 7.0 enhances the overall user interface and usability, system performance, and quality checking features, streamlining QC operations in a file-based environment.

The BATON 7.0 user interface now features a revamped functionality across smart folders, manual scheduling, test plans, reports, and more, simplifying the user experience while continuing to provide the flexibility and a vast feature set BATON is known for. Significant architectural changes have also been made to BATON 7.0 to enhance the overall throughput of the system.

The BATON 7.0 system offers comprehensive video/audio quality checks, including new support for text detection (including language) and recognition of burnt-in subtitles, audio language detection, detection of new audio quality noises, as well as support for the latest loudness ITU-R BS.1770 specification. In addition, BATON 7.0 supports new image formats like TIFF/Targa, enhanced closed captions, and updates to DPP/ARD_ZDF compliance support.

BATON 7.0 also features a more intuitive and stand-alone media player interface with support for complete manual review flow. Additional new features include mark-in/mark-out in timeline and vectorscope display. Furthermore, BATON Content Corrector (BCC) can now be accessed remotely via a Web browser.

BATON+ QC and Data Analysis

The latest BATON+ QC and data analysis system will be on display at BroadcastAsia2016. BATON+ features enhanced workflow QC capabilities, including the ability for users to define workflows representing the stages through which media content flows in a facility. By defining workflows, BATON+ users can ensure metadata consistency and compare QC reports in different ways across content lineage.

The latest release also improves upon data analysis. BATON+ seamlessly integrates with multiple BATON® installations, captures the QC data, and offers a visual representation of the data analysis results in the form of reports and graphs. This enables users to track trends and anomalies effectively in the media content. Using this tool, operators can optimize decision-making and perform quality control on the workflow itself, for example, analyzing only the changes between files of the same origin instead of reviewing the derivative files from scratch.

ORION™ OTT — ABR Monitoring System

At BroadcastAsia2016, Interra Systems will introduce ORION™ OTT, one of the industry’s first software-based OTT solutions for real-time monitoring of adaptive bitrate (ABR) content for multiscreen service delivery. Leveraging industry-proven audio/video quality analysis technologies, ORION OTT ensures superior QoE and QoS.

ORION™ Real-Time Monitoring and Video Analysis

At BroadcastAsia2016, Interra Systems will showcase its ORION™, a software-centric, real-time content monitoring system for the delivery of error-free, superior quality video. The software-defined ORION platform is enhanced with multi-processor architecture support. This enables ORION customers to optimize their hardware infrastructure, both in terms of cost and performance. Now available on Linux®, ORION provides the industry with a powerful and economical monitoring solution that runs on standard industry hardware, giving customers the flexibility to run monitoring tools on the platform of their choice.

The latest version of ORION offers improved usability, superior monitoring and setup capabilities, optimized alerts, and reporting functionalities. In addition, it provides comprehensive SCTE-35 verification with time-accurate thumbnails around splice points, closed caption and text service monitoring with logging and display of captions frame-by-frame, encoder boundary point monitoring, and IGMP monitoring for network troubleshooting. Furthermore, ORION supports virtualization and comprehensive QoE evaluation.

During the show, Interra Systems specialists will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of ORION, including support for 4K HEVC and virtualized monitoring probes, comprehensive SCTE-35 verification, in-depth audio and video quality monitoring, and closed caption data monitoring.

About Interra Systems:
Interra Systems provides software-based content verification, monitoring, and analysis solutions for file-based and real-time workflows in the digital media industry. The company's solutions include Baton®, a market-leading, enterprise-class QC solution that automatically ensures media content readiness; Orion™, a real-time content monitoring solution that enables the delivery of error-free, superior quality video; and Vega™,a family of audio/video analyzers for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams.

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