Interra Systems Enhances Content Monitoring and HEVC Analysis at SCTE Cable-Tec 2013

Cupertino, California, October 21, 2013

Interra Systems, a global leader in Content QC and Monitoring, brings its industry-leading real-time monitoring and HEVC analysis and debugging to SCTE 2013.

Orion is the only enterprise-class monitoring solution that combines critical monitoring functions in a single integrated platform. Orion offers smarter widgets to log, review, and analyze violations and audio loudness for business needs. Rich reports for real-time, logged and historical data enable quick assessment of quality of video delivery. Reports and recorded clips can be quickly shared to take action on non-compliance. Remote monitoring through browser enabled devices allow continuous monitoring of local and remote feeds leading to quick decisions and cost savings.

Orion offers a solution that is comprehensive, efficient and easily scalable for 100s of services. Orion empowers Cable, Satellite headends, Broadcasters, Video equipment providers, and Streaming media providers with a smarter, 24/7 enterprise level monitoring platform.

Vega HEVC Analyzer is a powerful HEVC analysis and debug platform that is leading HEVC test and measurement and enabling rollout of superior HEVC solutions and products. Over 40 leading Semiconductor, SoC, Digital Video, and Streaming Media companies are using Vega HEVC to test their products. 

Orion Highlights

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming / HTTP video monitoring
  • Audio Loudness and CALM Compliance
  • Comprehensive Error & Analysis Reports - isolate monitoring metrics and analytics to understand application needs and corporate policies
  • Enterprise Monitoring - how Orion can be scaled to handle voluminous feeds and services

Vega HEVC Analyzer Highlights

  • Advanced Video Comparator
    Vega HEVC Comparison Viewer addresses the challenges in assessing the performance of HEVC products. The viewer uses graphs and intuitive displays to compare details of video streams - stream summary, sequence summary, AU details, block partitions, coded bits, quantization parameters, interpolation types, syntax elements, motion vector details, and more. The Comparator enables comparison of HEVC vs. HEVC streams and HEVC vs. H.264 streams
  • Quality Checks
    Vega HEVC brings video quality analysis for the first time in a standards compliance and analysis tool. HEVC product and solution developers can analyze video quality issues affected by encoding, such as contrast, blockiness, blurriness, and pixelation. Intuitive graphs display quality measures for the stream and for each frame.

About Interra Systems:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra’s Digital Media solutions are led by Baton®, an Automated File-based QC solution that ensures media Content Readiness, by Vega, a family of Media analyzers for standards compliant media content creation and distribution, and by Orion, real-time content monitoring solution. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

Interra Contact:
Anne Hohenberger
Tel: + 1 408 579 2005

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