NETIA Deploys Interra's Baton for Quality Control at Orange

Interra's Baton Content Readiness Solution deployed as part of NETIA's solution for Orange Content Management System.

CLARET, France - Oct 26, 2011

NETIA announced today that Interra Systems, Inc., based in Cupertino, California provides its Baton® content readiness offering for Quality Control (QC) as part of NETIA's Content Management Solution for Orange, the key brand of leading telecommunications operator France Telecom.

NETIA's Content Management Solution for Orange (CMS) involves ingest of content from diverse sources, cataloging of content for access by various divisions, and for efficient content management. The NETIA CMS for Orange ingests content from SD and HD sources. Once ingested, the content is transformed with addition of metadata and other information for faster access. The NETIA CMS prepares the content for delivery to multiple platforms including computers, mobile phones, and TV sets, by ensuring a comprehensive QC or automated content verification. This QC requirement in NETIA CMS is fulfilled by Interra's Baton.

Interra's Baton is an industry leading QC software solution distributed by Videomenthe in France. The deployment of Baton in NETIA CMS for Orange required a close collaboration across NETIA, Videomenthe, and Interra Systems. The NETIA CMS organizes media management processes including the Quality Control processes driven by Interra's Baton.  

"Given the multiple ingest sources, we needed a robust, enterprise-class QC solution in the workflow." said Yoann Poizeau, Product Director at NETIA. "Interra's Baton supports extensive formats and quality checking to ensure QC on any content at any stage of NETIA's content management for Orange. Effectively Baton offers a consistent, production-proven QC platform for use across various stages of the content workflow."

"Orange is a global leader in broadcast and Telco industry. Their deployment of Baton for content readiness further asserts Baton's depth & breadth as a QC platform for workflows across the content lifecycle," said Muriel Le Bellac of Videomenthe.

"We are pleased that Interra's Baton is indeed the anchor for quality control in NETIA CMS for Orange," said Krishna Uppuluri, vice president of marketing at Interra Systems. "Interra's Baton has been deployed for production use across leading broadcasters, post production houses, and studios. Hence Baton is a natural QC fit for Orange's content coming from diverse sources. Beyond the ingested content, Baton is also widely used for QC after transcoding, editing, and before play-out. We are confident that Baton can meet Orange's requirements both for the present as well as for the future."

About Interra:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for the digital media industry. Interra's digital media solutions are led by Baton™, an automated verification system which ensures media content readiness, and by Vega, a family of audio/video analyzers which accelerate media product development. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

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