Enterprise-wide File-based QC at SRG SSR Enabled by Interra's Baton

Cupertino, California, September 4, 2013

Interra Systems, a global leader in Content QC and Monitoring, is pleased to announce that Baton® is successfully delivering Enterprise-wide File-based QC across several facilities in SRG SSR, the largest electronic media organization in Switzerland

At SRG SSR, Baton has been seamlessly integrated with the organization's automated, file-based technologies. SGT's VEDA automation and VEDA MAM rely on Baton for quality checking of content in SRG SSR workflows. In addition, file-transfer systems, such as Dimetis VICO-Application also ensure content integrity using Baton quality checking. Baton's QC for MXF integrity, audio-video quality, audio loudness and regulatory compliance are types of checks being used in such large broadcasting organizations.

"We are proud of the confidence shown by SRG SSR in Interra and Baton. Baton's Enterprise QC capability has always stood good stead with large media organizations. We are confident that Interra's maturity and expertise in file-based QC will enable Baton to continue meeting the QC needs of large, enterprise organizations," said Ashish Basu, VP, Global Sales and Business Development at Interra Systems.

About Baton:
Baton® is the Industry Leading, Enterprise-Class File-based QC solution. More than 350 Broadcasters, Post-Production houses, IPTV, Telemedia, Satellite, and Archiving companies trust Baton QC in production. Baton delivers better formats support, most comprehensive quality checks, more efficient verification and enterprise scalability than any other QC offering available today.

About Interra Systems:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interra’s Digital Media solutions are led by Baton®, an Automated File-based QC solution that ensures media Content Readiness, by Vega, a family of Media analyzers for standards compliant media content creation and distribution, and by Orion, real-time content monitoring solution. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA. www.interrasystems.com

About SRG SSR:
SRG SSR is the Swiss public broadcasting organisation, founded in 1931. Headquartered in Bern, SRG SSR is a non-profit organisation, funded mainly through radio and television licence fees (75%) and making the remaining income from advertising and sponsorship. SRG SSR is made up of six regional Enterprise Units and three subsidiaries. With approximately 6,000 employees (5’000 full-time equivalents), an annual turnover of 1.6 billion Swiss francs, 17 radio stations and 7 television programmes (out of which 6 HDTV channels as symulcast), as well as complementary websites, teletext and HbbTV services, SRG SSR is the largest electronic media organization in Switzerland. Its radio stations lead their respective markets in all four language regions - as do the television channels. SRG SSR services successfully hold their own against a variety of competing foreign broadcasters with much more financial muscle. www.srgssr.ch

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