Interra Baton® QC Solution Integrated with Sony's Media Backbone Conductor

Interra's industry leading QC solution, Baton, integrated with Sony Media Backbone Conductor to enable Enterprise-class QC across various stages of file-based workflows.

Cupertino, CA - Sep 06, 2011

Interra Systems, the industry leader in File-based QC or Automated Content Verification is pleased to announce the integration of its Baton QC solution with Sony's Media Backbone Conductor solution.

File-based media expands the content supply-chain and enables concurrent content processing. Such dynamic, fast-paced environment poses many challenges - limitations in concurrent content processing leading to loss of efficiency or a negative impact on content quality leading to operational disruptions and loss of content monetization potential. The integration of Baton, the leading edge QC solution with Sony Media Backbone Conductor offers the customers a comprehensive solution for file-based workflows with consistent and reliable QC of content at each stage of the workflow.

Sony's Media Backbone Conductor is a Workflow Orchestration and Integration Platform that simplifies the integration of Digital Production Islands and delivers a truly end to end Tapeless Environment. The production islands are connected by a common service bus (ESB) that enables services and resources to be consolidated and shared throughout the enterprise.

Baton is a quality control (QC) or Automated Content Verification system for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. Baton is used in production by leading broadcasters, post-production houses, IPTV, satellite and archiving companies. Baton is the industry leader for file-based QC with superior formats support, most comprehensive quality checks, and verification efficiency to handle large, high-volume content across all stages of content lifecycle. Baton is also unique in enabling enterprise-wide scalability with high availability of QC as well as ready integration with commonly used media servers and software.

"Interra's Baton is an industry-leading QC solution that ensures content readiness and is used in a wide variety of markets on a wide variety of content, at multiple stages of content lifecycle. For many customers, QC is a critical component in their content lifecycle and Baton integration into Sony Media Backbone Conductor enables a comprehensive file-based workflow," said Keiko Abe, Senior Product and Marketing Manager of Sony.

"We are pleased to integrate Interra's Baton QC solution into Sony Media Backbone Conductor. The synergies in our product naturally extended to solution requirements at many customers. We look forward to building on the momentum already in place with our mutual customer success," said Ashish Basu, VP Sales and Biz development at Interra Systems.

About Interra:
Interra Systems is a software products and services provider for Digital Media industry. Interras Digital Media solutions are led by Baton, a File-based QC or Automated Verification System which ensures media Content Readiness, and by Vega, a family of Audio/Video analyzers for standards compliant media content creation and distribution. Interra is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.

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